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Date: May 27th, 2002
Article by: Nathan Glentworth (Head Editor & Hardware Reviewer)

Swiftech MCXC370

Manufacturer: Swiftech
Donated by: Swiftech

Idle: 33 Degrees Celsius
Load: 35 Degrees Celsius

Initially, I had really high hopes for this cooler being the king. Now come on, it's Swiftech!! But using the same system and testing variables brought about some results that were less than worthy of the title. This particular model comes coupled with a 60mm, 33cfm Papst running at 42dBa. This is the first time I have really had the opportunity to review a Swiftech and I was really impressed with the quality and workmanship in their product. Maybe if a Delta was used instead of the Papst some better results would have come about. But, as an unbiased review site, I call them as they come.


CoolerMaster "Heatpipe" HHC-001

Manufacturer: CoolerMaster
Donated by: CoolerGuys

Idle: 32 Degrees Celsius
Load: 36 Degrees Celsius

Ah, the CoolerMaster Heatpipe HHC-001 with a 36cfm 6800rpm 45dBa fan. One of the most unique coolers on the market with the patented "Heat-pipe Technology". I hate to burst some bubbles guys, but this coolers "heat-pipe" design is flawed and will not work on anything but the desktop "horizontal" cases or servers. You see, the fluid when heated will supposedly vaporize, rise into the upper part of the heatsink, cool, condense into a liquid again and fall due to gravity supposedly to the base where it will be heated up by the CPU core slug and the process will continue over and over again. But, when this heatsink and its heatpipe technology is mounted vertically, like in most people's cases, the process is screwed up. The fluid will settle in the lower area of the tubes whatever its orientation is on different motherboards and will not be able to go about its designed process. Gravity and physics are not on the side of this cooler and its technology and if you sit back for a second and think before you e-mail be calling me a liar, you will understand what I'm talking about. Don't get me wrong, this is a decent cooler, but its main defining characteristic doesn't help it out a bit.


Arkua 628

Manufacturer: Arkua Technology
Donated by: Arkua Technology

Idle: 31 Degrees Celsius
Load: 33 Degrees Celsius

Look at the results of this cooler. Impressive seeing that a 23cfm, 33dBa fan is cooling the heatsink. Could this be because of the unique radiating fin design around a pure copper core, I don't really know. But I can tell you one thing, this baby is quiet and it performs well which should really fit in with the quiet cooling trend of today. This cooler and company does not get the exposure on the net that they deserve and hopefully, they will get it after this review. Check this cooler out, it opened my eyes by cooling better than a Swiftech =O.


Vantec CCK-6040 & CCK 6040H (CopperX)

Manufacturer: Vantec USA
Donated by: Vantec USA

CCK-6040H (37.6CFM)

Idle: 34 Degrees Celsius
Load: 37 Degrees Celsius

CCK-6040 (30 CFM)

Idle: 35 Degrees Celsius
Load: 38 Degrees Celsius

With the CopperX brand of HSF combos, the only difference between the two is the speed of the fan. Tell me one thing, what is the difference between the CCK-6035 found HERE and the CopperX brand other than the clip???!!! You guessed it, nothing. Even the big boy with 46.5 dBa of screaming noise failed to beat anyone. I was not impressed with this cooler at all. It performs OK, but nothing even close to special at all. It boils down to a BIG name, with SMALL results. Oh well, on to the next....


Fortis A120pro

Manufacturer: Fortis Technology
Donated by: Fortis Technology

Idle: 33 Degrees Celsius
Load: 36 Degrees Celsius

Another 6800rpm, 46.5dBa, 38cfm based HSF combo coupled with a pure aluminum heatsink and a pure copper base. It resulted in some decent cooling results seeing that it was indeed a copper/aluminum hybrid cooler. It even beat out some of the all-copper coolers in the roundup. Not a bad thing in my books.


GlobalWIN CAK-16

Manufacturer: GlobalWIN Technology
Donated by: GlobalWIN Technology

Idle: 34.5 Degrees Celsius
Load: 38.5 Degrees Celsius

Representing one of the two temperature controlled HSF's in the roundup, GlobalWIN send me this all copper beauty. This baby is a really GREAT heatsink. Constructed from all solid copper and no welding, this little cooler sported a mere airflow of 13cfm to accomplish this goal at a case temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. If you doubt me check HERE and look at the fan ratings at the case temperature I was testing at. Just think, it was only spinning at 2800rpm and emitting a whisper at 24dBa. Man, that is indeed impressive. I would wonder how it would perform at its maximum airflow of 26cfm. My thoughts on this cooler would be to buy it, put a 30 cfm fan on it and enjoy the cooling results. This little baby performs!!!


Thermaltake Volcano7

Manufacturer: Thermaltake
Donated by: Thermaltake

Idle: 35 Degrees Celsius
Load: 39 Degrees Celsius

Being one the biggest temperature controlled combos in the lot, and having an airflow of 46cfm and 27dBa at 24 degrees Celsius, this 80mm fan based heatsink didn't pull off any really impressive numbers. I for one know that this is a fault of the copper inlay in the heatsink. That is why most people have moved to the superior Volcano 7+ which is the bigger all copper version and performs much better. Mind you, this cooler was quiet, and is kinda neat looking with the Thermaltake fangrill and all, but performance rules in my book. Check out the stats on this cooler HERE.



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