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Date: October 28th, 2009
Article by: Nathan Glentworth (Owner / Head Editor)
Product was submitted by: Samsung Canada



Samsung ultra-slim LED TVs combine breakthrough picture quality, eco-friendly* design and advanced connectivity options that will keep you entertained 24/7. Including Internet@TV that allows you to receive content via Yahoo!®, Flickr®, and other online TV Widgets on screen. USB 2.0 Movie: Multi-Media Center makes it easy to watch movies, browse photos and listen to music on your TV. The Samsung UN55B8000 LED HDTV also makes it easy to be green with up to 40% less power consumption than conventional LCDs 1 .

Breakthrough Picture Quality

For images that are stunningly true to life you need the 3 Cs: contrast, color and clarity. Ultra brilliant Samsung LED TVs have them all.
5,000,000:1 Mega Contrast provides an incredible range of brightness - from pure blacks to pristine whites. Advanced Color Processing enables a wider range of natural colors and provides greater depth for a vibrant, captivating picture - even with subtle colors. Plus our Auto Motion Plus 240Hz technology eliminates virtually all motion blur leaving your picture smooth and crisp - and your jaw dropped.

Ultra-slim Design

Our most advanced HDTV technology contained in a razor-thin silhouette. Stunning at only 1.2" deep, Samsung LED TVs are our slimmest HDTVs yet. Supported by a unique stand with an elegant, crystal-clear neck, you'll have no trouble finding a place for one in any room.

Thanks to our innovative, optional Wall Mount (WMN1000B), our astonishingly slim LED TVs can be hung just like a picture frame - less than two inches from the wall. Only this frame is made with a hint of grey. We call it a Touch of Color. One look at it and its soft, square corners is all it takes to see that this isn't just a TV you're hanging. But a work of art.


Samsung LED TVs are easy on the planet as well as the eyes. Samsung LED TVs use 40% less power than conventional LCD TVs* and are mercury free. So you can put your feet up and relax knowing you're leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

Auto Motion Plus 240Hz

There's a big difference between seeing the game and seeing every split second of it. That's where Auto Motion Plus 240Hz technology comes in. All the action in every frame is analyzed and then adjusted so nothing goes by in a blur. From quarterbacks to cyber warriors, the action is always smooth, sharp and fluid.

Wide Color Enhancer Pro

The challenge of any TV screen is to recreate reality through color and light. We met this challenge with our Wide Color Enhancer Pro feature. After analyzing each pixel, it stretches them to their 3-dimensional limit. What you get is the fullest, most lifelike colors you've ever seen -- on a TV that is.

The world wide web just got wider.

Can't decide if you'd rather watch TV, see your photos on Flickr or check your stocks on Yahoo? Do it all on Samsung Series 8 LED TVs. An easy to use widget lets you watch, add or delete content. View it all on the roomy sidebar or across the incredibly wide screen. With our Series 8 LED TVs, TV goes way beyond just TV.

Getting on TV made easy.

Samsung Series 8 LED TVs take the struggle out of sharing your talent with the world, or at least with your family. Access your videos, music and photos from your PC or from your DLNA mobile device - wirelessly and effortlessly - and enjoy them on your TV. Our LED TVs can even link to multiple PCs. Who said you need connections to get on TV?

Your audience awaits.

There's no excuse anymore for leaving all those great digital pictures and videos in your cameras or storage devices. Thanks to the USB 2.0 Movie: Multi-media Center feature on all Samsung LED TVs you can connect your digital camera, thumb drive - even your MP3 player - quickly and easily. The smart, user-friendly USB 2.0 interface allows you to access videos, playlists and pictures with your remote. Now anytime can be showtime.

Library hours extended.

Suppose you feel like playing a game of chess or cooking instead of watching TV. Samsung Series 8 LED TV's Content Library Flash feature lets you do just that. Enjoy hours of built-in entertainment features, then personalize it by adding content that's available online. And downloading is easy. There's so much you can do with our Series 8 LED TVs.

Pebble Shaped Remote Control

Like a precious stone the pebble shaped remote control is an exquisite piece of electronic art with our exclusive Touch of Color style. It's a secondary remote designed to handle the basics - and look good doing it.



With the UN55B8000 TV falling in around US$2700-$3000 range at your favorite online retailer which on its own should dictate that this is definitely not your average LCD TV. Although this TV is labeled as a "LED TV", it is only an LCD TV with LED backlighting. This has caused a lot of confusion in the market which is making the average consumer think a new technology has come to the market and thus they don't know if it is safe to buy. This could be a marketing blunder on Samsung's part seeing if it doesn't say LCD on the box, the unknowing consumer will tend to shy away out of pure ignorance. They don't know the difference.

As always you will receive a manual along with a quick setup guide and warranty paperwork. But in addition you get some PC sharing software and a lint-free cleaning cloth for occasional dust removal.

The included wall mounting kit is complete with all mounting hardware, safety lines and loom along with the plate to cover the void left when the stand is removed.

With this generation of TVs, Samsung chose to use its newer remote control which has larger backlit keys and a glossy black finish. Although in my opinion it feels and looks a little cheap, it has some nice features such as motion sensing key backlighting.

The interesting addition is this small pebble remote control which has power and limited control functionality. Seeing most people change their channels through their satellite/cable receiver, this small remote has never been used in my livingroom nor could I consider it being used by anyone. It's a neat addition, but not a very useful one.

And at last you have your new Samsung UN55B8000 perched on your TV stand or wall mounted. The one thing I will note is that mounting or placing this TV on its stand or on the wall was a lot easier than the LN55A950 I removed. At almost 20lbs lighter, the UN55B8000 is indeed a much less substantial TV but still seems to be incredibly rigid and well built. I couldn't believe how stiff the whole unit was.

Other than the weight, the overall aesthetics of this new TV is pretty sharp with minimalistic design and basic, yet stylish materials. More on that on the next page.




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