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Date: June 16th, 2002
Article by: Nathan Glentworth (Head Editor & Hardware Reviewer)
Product was donated by: Samsung Canada
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Head Office Corporate Information

Samsung delivers management reform through New Management to maintain high international competitiveness. SAMSUNG is dedicated to contributing to mankind's quality of life. The year 2000 will be declared as the First year of Samsung Digital Management to speed up the digitization of all areas of management with an ultimate objective to become a leader in the digital age of the 21st century. Samsung has continuously improved its financial structure by increasing profits, reducing costs, and enhancing brand image. SAMSUNG's stability and development potential are universally recognized.

Canadian Corporate Information

After only a decade of growth since first entering the Canadian market in 1987, Samsung Canada, headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, has emerged as the market leader. We are growing in Canada by about 20% per year and continue to build a strong presence in every market we enter. Operating as part of Samsung's Americas group, our Canadian operations gain considerable competitive advantage from Samsung's local Americas R&D, manufacturing, and technical support. Samsung Electronics in Canada focuses on consumer electronics and information systems products. Consumer electronics began in Canada in 1987, followed by IS in 1992. The information sales division has grown 61% since 1992. Samsung has introduced a wide range of IS products into the Canadian market, which include hard disk drives, CD-ROM drives, printers, fax machines and monitors enforcing its leading market position and fast year-over-year growth with a strong local presence and reseller network to serve Canadian consumers from coast to coast. Samsung is building a strong presence in Canada as it has all over the world.

What can TFT LCD Technology do for me?

This review will assume that you know the basics of TFT (Thin- Film Transistor) LCD Displays. If you need more information on the technology behind this monitor, I have found a website that concisely breaks it down for you HERE.

Below is just a small list of what TFT LCD technology can do for your small business or home environment.

1.) Radiation - TFT LCD technology virtually eliminates radiation which is emitted from normal CRT monitor and can promote a healthier computing environment for your children at home and/or your work environment.

2.) Low Power Consumption - LCD monitors have a power consumption of about half of the equivalent CRT monitors. Imagine having a corporate building with 500 monitors in your business, the savings in power cost is said to pay for the monitor in about three years.

3.) Colour - Colours on LCD's are much more vibrant that CRT monitors.

4.) Physical Size - One of the main advantages is the size difference. LCD monitors cover about 30% of the desk area than a standard LCD.

5.) Viewable Area - Now here is the kicker, if you buy a 17" CRT monitor, it's safe to say that you will have an actual viewing area of about ~16". Now, when a TFT LCD is said to be 17", the viewable area IS 17", which is a far more honest approach to marketing.



The going trend in today's computer market are computer monitors that can function as a TV. Such is the case with the Samsung Syncmaster 151MP which I reviewed recently. But what if I could put a twist on that and have a LCD TFT television act as a computer monitor with the push of a remote control button. Well, with this 17 inch widescreen beauty, your wishes have been granted. The tv/monitor has everything your heart desires. DVD functionality, HDTV and digital cable ready, great for gaming (No Ghosting!!) and is missing nothing other than a spot in your home or office.



Samsung's Tantus contains features like:

- 17" Wide (16:9 Widescreen Viewing)
- 450cd/m, 400:1 C/R
- High Definition TV Ready
- 2 Component Jack (Y/Pb/Pr)
- DVD Capable
- Cable TV Capable
- Double Screen & PIP
- Sound : 10W*2(17"), 6W*2(15") <---Nice sounding too!
- High Res. PC Compatible(WXGA)<------1280x768 Max resolution!

Let's take a look at this awesome TV, or should I say Monitor???



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