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Date: October 28th, 2005
Article by: Ryan (Hardware Reviewer)

Edited by: Nathan Glentworth (Owner / Head Editor)



The contents of the package differ only slightly from other Logitech mice . Aside from the actual mouse, you have your weight cartridge along with a small tin containing your miniature weights. Logitech however did not include a USB-to-PS2 adapter with this package, probably to encourage using a USB connection to take full advantage of the mouse. Don't fret, you still get a users manual and driver installation cd along with a brief product catalog.



So, let's go see what all the fuss is about, shall we?

It won't take long before you are drawn into the grungy, but reassuring exterior of this mouse. It just goes to show, when it comes to gaming its okay to get down and dirty. Lately Logitech has been using all sorts of metallic looking designs for their mice, and I for one, am not complaining. Logitech have transformed mice from ugly white bricks of plastic, into sleek tools of virtual destruction.

For the most part, the G5's overall design relates to the Logitech MX series, and would make for an easy transition for anyone who has owned one. The left and right mouse buttons are incorporated into the main body of the mouse. This gives the mouse a great consistent feel, w hile the buttons continue to click at the same level of noise as any other mouse. While the G5's main piece is a nice smooth metallic finish, the all around gripping on the left and right sides have a grainy rubber texture. This makes the mouse even easier to control, and I found it kept my hand from sweating even in “extreme” conditions, which is really is going to make a difference in those all night frag fests.

Located on the left side of the mouse is your MOUSE3 button. Most people would probably prefer to have 2 mice buttons here; I for one like having just the one. I have a reasonably short thumb, or maybe it's the way I hold my mouse, but I always found that the presence of a MOUSE4 button was always an annoyance, because I simply couldn't reach it that well. For surfing and doing other daily tasks I enjoyed having a mouse 3, and didn't mind taking the extra reach for that mouse 4, but during late night game play when the difference between pushing the right and wrong button meant a frag or death. I'd rather just have the one button. This feature will obviously be user preference.

Turning to the scroll wheel there have been some changes to the button layout. You will see a positive and negative button just below your scroll wheel. The positive button has been relocated to the bottom along with the negative button. These buttons will change the sensitivity of the mouse. I just love this feature and get giddy over it whenever I use it. When using these buttons you can adjust your mouse sensitivity to three different settings , which can be set in your Logitech desktop manager. I found this to be one of the most beneficial options this mouse has to offer. Whether first person shooters or real-time-strategy games are your fix, you will benefit from this feature.

If you find yourself switching your mouse sensitivity using the easy access positive and negative buttons, don't worry about forgetting what setting you're on. There is a DPI meter located right above your thumb, and it lights up! During loading times I find myself pressing the positive and negative buttons just to see the meter change :).

Another one of the key features of this mouse is what sets it apart from your average computer sidekick. This mouse doesn't use a trackball, or an optical eye to track its movement. The Logitech G5 utilizes the technology of a “laser” eye and seems like they will for all of their new product lines, since they have clearly labeled optical as “obsolete” on their website. What does this mean for you the consumer? Technically with laser technology the G5 has the ability to track more sensitive movement, and has the ability to scan surfaces with more microscopic textures. The G5 is reaches a sensitivity of 2,000DPI, making it's tracking precision higher than any of the competition. Sounds great right? Well I know a lot of users, especially gamers will cry when this mouse does not work with their expensive gaming pad or cloth surface. So if you love your Icemat, Ratzpad, or any gamer special mouse surface using a similar surface this mouse may not be for you.

Thought that was it? That's all this mouse had to offer? Guess again, the G5 has one more trick up its sleeve. This is where your miniature weights take part in your gaming experience. On the bottom of this mouse is a compartment for your weight cartridge. Now, your weight cartridge is where you can place these weights, and ultimately customize the weight distribution of your mouse. My personal preference is 15.8g; you can have up to 38g of weights in your mouse at one time. Will you honestly feel a difference? When using 38g of weights in the G5 at one time, I found my hand aching after only a few hours of use. So you may not be able to feel a big difference at first, but over time don't be surprised if you find yourself icing your hand after a lot of use. If your wife ever complains that you don't go to the gym enough, you might be able to get a way by explaining that you've started working out at home with a new “weight training” program using your G5. Hey, it might work.




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