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What do you get with it?

With the purchase of this CD Organizer, you get the following:

Power Supply and USB Cable (for once, someone actually included a USB cable):

Quick Connect Guide and the PC CD Organizing Software:

The Actual CD Organizer (be a bitch if it didn't come with it =p )"


Impressions and Product Usage

In all actuality, this is a well made product. I thought for a first attempt at a company making a tower like this that there were going to be some bugs, quality problems or poor workmanship (you ever bought a car in its first model year, BIG mistake!!), but I could not find a thing. This tower is SOLID.

I took the liberty to take off the back cover just to see what made this little bugger tick and I was surprised as to how simple the internal workings of the tower were. The unit is basically belt driven up and down and gear driven trays controlled by a small onboard circuit board. Simple but effective. I myself use the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). 

The premise of this tower is that you can use the functionality whether it is hooked to your computer, or if you have a real good memory of where you placed the CD's and no computer at all. The above buttons will allow you access to all CD slots and allow you to eject them and there are greed LED's indicating which tray is occupied. Some websites that have reviewed this tower have complained about the slow access if you were going to the 75th slot from the first slot, but I found that it is still faster to use this then to fumble around your room like an "Amsterdam crack addict looking for his/her last rock" looking for that damn half-life CD buried within the cornchip bags and Vaseline intensive care bottles. It is just plain simple and for some websites to think that a company is going to make a product that will access those trays that fast will enable enough energy to make it jump off the floor (Would be funny, but only the first time until it hit the ceiling). The unit is quiet and only emits a light humming when accessing different trays and turns off automatically when not in use for a short time. One thing that I would have liked the unit to have is a longer power down time because numerous times, I have extracted a CD from the tower, installed the software on the CD only to come around and have the unit turned off. This in turn forces me to turn the unit on again by hitting the extract button and waiting for the unit to go through it's power on cycle for 30 seconds, it's kind of frustrating sometimes. Another neat function is if left on with a tray open, the unit should close the tray before auto-shutting down. Just a thought =).

The software is simple and easy. It allows you to label what is in the trays and the tray number the media is stored in. Again, nice and simple. The nice part about the software is that you can set a tray as being lent out to a friend and the software will keep track of which one is lent so that you will not forget like sooo many people do with their CD's.


Overall Conclusion 

What can I say other than KDS has released a great product onto the market. There is relatively no problems with the tower other than the small quirks I found with the unit. Overall good effort by KDS and their engineering team.


- good workmanship
- finally clearing up the jewel case mess on my workstation
- unique product on the market


- Need's a slower auto-shutoff time
- tray needs to close upon auto-shutoff

Review score: 9/10
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