Week of August 7, 2011

Friday, August 12 2011

SilverStone Precision PS06 PC Case Review @ Legit Reviews

Posted by Nathan @ 11:52 PM (EDT)

The list of things to like about the SST-PS06B-W is long. I simply love the new styling that SilverStone uses in this case. No other case in SilverStone’s entire lineup offers such an edgy and unique exterior; it practically reinvents what can be done with tasteful art design and a little creativity. The hot swap bay is a terrific inclusion as is the USB 3.0 ports; the SST-AP181 intake fan is just icing on the cake...

TechREACTION review: Nexus LOW-7000 Rev 2 HSF

Posted by Nathan @ 11:51 PM (EDT)

Overall, the Nexus Low-7000 R2 is a good unit for every day use. Even though it struggled with our torture test, it is an excellent product in a niche low form factor market that is a clear improvement over the stock Intel HSF. We would recommend this CPU cooler for small form factor applications, mod projects, and those looking for low noise levels and good cooling performance under normal operating conditions – this cooler would work well as a replacement in a commercial situation.

Head-Direct HiFiMAN RE-242 Earphones @ techPowerUp

Posted by Nathan @ 11:51 PM (EDT)

Head-Direct's newest entry level model is put to the test. Dubbed RE-242 these in-ears are the first earphones from Head-Direct directly aimed at the entry level market. Priced at $25 they are budget friendly and feature a smart new durable design.

Antec Twelve Hundred V3 Chassis Review @ eTeknix.com

Posted by Nathan @ 11:51 PM (EDT)

Antec have been producing cases for many years now and they have numerous models in their range. They are favoured by many users because they have a reputation for being well featured and competitively priced.

Today we are going to look at one of their top of the range cases, the 1200 (or twelve-hundred) Ultimate V3 which boasts a plethora of features to whet the appetites of enthusiasts. These include no fewer than six fans pulling and pushing air into and out of the case.


Sapphire HD6950 2GB DiRT3 Toxic Edition Review @ OCC

Posted by Nathan @ 11:51 PM (EDT)

Another incredible thing about this card is that it was unlockable — meaning that I was able to flash it to an HD6970 BIOS, unlocking the total 1536 shader cores over the stock 1408. With the extra 10% of shader cores at my disposal, I reran the overclocked benchmarks and discovered a steady jump in performance by anywhere between 6%-8% running at the same 1010/1500MHz. Granted, not all cards can do this from the factory, as they are physically cut. I can't say whether all these cards are unlockable, but it doesn't hurt to try.

ASUS HD6670 1GB GDDR5 with DisplayPort DirectX11 Video Card Review @Hi Tech Legion

Posted by Nathan @ 11:50 PM (EDT)

The ASUS HD6670 video card with DisplayPort is factory overclocked to 810MHz. This ASUS HD6670 is equipped with faster memory for superior performance and is equipped with a DisplayPort for 3-monitor Eyefinity support. Cooling is provided by an 80mm dust-proof fan blowing down on an aluminum heatsink. Since the ASUS Radeon HD6670 only has a TDP of 66W, there is no additional 6-pin power connectors needed. Aside from the DisplayPort connector, there is also a DVI-I port and an HDMI port, fully supporting AMD’s HD3D technology.

SteelSeries Spectrum 7XB Wireless Headset Review @ Real World Labs

Posted by Nathan @ 11:50 PM (EDT)

The Spectrum 7XB Wireless Headset may be the first XBOX 360 compatible wireless headset by SteelSeries but thanks to its very good build quality, excellent audio clarity, good wireless range and range of features you will have a very hard time believing that.

GIGABYTE G1 Sniper 2 Intel Z68 Review @ Vortez

Posted by Nathan @ 11:43 PM (EDT)

The first Intel Z68 motherboard to be released under the G1-Killer moniker is the G1 Sniper 2 just a week ago. The G1 Sniper 2 has an interesting feature-set including early support for PCI-E 3.0, a dedicated Network Processing Unit from networking professionals Bigfoot and other elements to entice gamers. It’s time to lock n’ load, reconnaissance style. Let’s take a look at GIGABYTE’s latest G1 Killer Intel Z68 motherboard.

Gigabyte Z68X-UD5-B3 Review @ ocaholic

Posted by Nathan @ 11:43 PM (EDT)

With the Z68X-UD5-B3 Gigabyte presents its upper midrange model regarding Intels Z68 chipset. The board itself comes with the new color scheme as well as a long feature list of which for example a 24 phase power design is part of. For us this is reason enough to take a closer look at this board in order to show what it can and what it can't.

Toshiba Qosmio X775-3DV78 Review @ TechReviewSource.com

Posted by Nathan @ 11:43 PM (EDT)

The Toshiba Qosmio X775-3DV78 is a 17-inch laptop that has a 1080p full HD 3D display, a second-generation Intel quad-core CPU and 8GB of RAM. Along with USB 3.0, dual-hard drives and a Blu-ray player, users will find this laptop's performance to be very appealing.


Thursday, August 11 2011

Gelid Icy Vision Rev. 2 VGA Cooler Review @ eTeknix.com

Posted by Jackie @ 7:57 AM (EDT)

We recently took a look at Gelid's current flagship CPU cooler, the Tranquillo Rev. 2. It was a good cooler seeing that it carried out Gelid's goal of being quiet in action while offering good performance with an overclocked CPU. Today we are hoping that their VGA coolers are equally good when we look at their current VGA cooling flagship, the Icy Vision Rev. 2.

At first glance the Icy Vision Rev. 2 looks to be a decent performer. It features 5 heatpipes in a unique constellation, 85 aluminium fins and a pure copper base. The cooler's heat transfer looks like it should be very potent for the task so the fact that dual "S-shape" 92mm Gelid fans which offer "20% more air flow" are used makes the complete heatsink and fan combination look very promising from a performance point of view. All of these performance features coupled with the wide range of ATI/AMD and nVidia compatibility and the Gelid Icy Vision Rev. 2 looks like it will be a great contender for the heat of our Radeon HD4870 graphics card.

Hopefully the Icy Vision Rev. 2 will impress us in testing just as much as its specification sheet has!

Synology DiskStation DS2411+ NAS Review @ TechSpot

Posted by Jackie @ 7:56 AM (EDT)

The DS2411+ is considered a business-class NAS device suitable for SMB users, however its $1,700 asking price makes it a little more feasible when compared to other enterprise and rackmount NAS with similar capacities but much steeper price tags.

Those familiar with Synology's products will find that the DS2411+ is a larger version of the DS1511+, which was essentially a larger version of the DS411+II. Given that the 4-bay DS411+II costs $700, the new 12-bay DS2411+ seems like decent value, even at $1,700 -- and that doesn't include the storage drives.

That's well beyond the grasp of the average user, but we're confident those who require such radical storage solutions will find a lot to appreciate in the DS2411+.


Rosewill Thor 2 Full-Tower Computer Case @ Benchmark Reviews

Posted by Jackie @ 7:53 AM (EDT)

Recently, Rosewill sent to Benchmark Reviews their THOR 2 full tower gamer, enthusiast case for a good thrashing. The THOR 2 is the second evolution of the THOR series. When I first saw this case I was curious because it looked pretty lean, mean, and clean while avoiding what I call the "We are Borg, resistance is futile" look. So is the THOR 2 as mean as it looks? What's new for version 2? Will we send it to the case scrap pile in the sky, or will it soar like Thor into the heavens? Let's check it out.


ASUS Xonar DG Headphone Amp & PCI 5.1 Audio Card Review @Hi Tech Legion

Posted by Jackie @ 7:50 AM (EDT)

The ASUS Xonar DG Headphone Amp & PCI 5.1 Audio Card poses to be an alternative solution to the shoddy onboard sound. The Xonar DG pushes out superior sound that can benefit anyone, especially gamers. Running the show is a C-Media CMI8786 High-Definition Sound Processor. This chip features support for 96K/16bit playback, 48K/16bit recording. The integrated S/PDIF transmitter supports 44.1k/48k/96KHz sample-rate and 16bits resolution. Supports the latest Dolby Digital EX and DTS ES 6.1/7.1CH DVD soundtrack playback. There is Full-duplex 8CH DAC/2CH ADC. ASUS provides a built-in Headphone AMP and GX2.5 for realistic 3D audio effects.



Diamond Radeon HD 6770 XOC Video Card Review @ Legit Reviews

Posted by Jackie @ 7:47 AM (EDT)

Diamond has come to the market with a brand new add-in GPU with the budget minded enthusiast in mind. The Diamond Radeon HD 6770 XOC is a factory overclocked video card that has both the memory and the core overclocked 50 MHz over standard settings, so you don't have to bother yourself with all of the pesky overclocking stuff. The Diamond Radeon HD 6770 XOC has taken these clocks to 900 MHz on the core and to 1250 MHz on the memory. The standard Radeon HD 6770 Graphics Card has a core clock of 850 MHz and a memory clock of 1200 MHz...

BITFENIX Shinobi Case Review @ Technic3D

Posted by Jackie @ 7:44 AM (EDT)

The BITFENIX Shinobi is the next PC-Case in the Technic3D Editorship. The Shinobi supports ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards and have place for seven Cooling-Fans and a Watercooling Kit. We will check this and many more in the following Review.


ZAVIO F3106 Wireless IP Camera Review @ Real World Labs

Posted by Jackie @ 7:42 AM (EDT)

If you are out searching for a cost-effective indoor IP camera that you can access from anyplace around the world with ease and you are not much interested in extra features such as night-vision mode and autofocus then the F3106 1.3 Megapixel Wireless IP Camera by ZAVIO could be exactly what you've been looking for.

Cooler Master X-Slim laptop pad @ techREACTION

Posted by Jackie @ 7:40 AM (EDT)

The Cooler Master X-Slim is a good lightweight design for a laptop cooler, which will help if you decide to take it with you on the go. The support for any laptop up to 17″ makes this a very versatile cooling option. With the two height settings and the USB pass-through, Cooler Master has tried to squeeze every feature possible into this thin cooler.

Acer Aspire TimelineX AS5830TG-6402 Review @ TechReviewSource.com

Posted by Jackie @ 7:38 AM (EDT)

The Acer Aspire TimelineX 5830TG-6402 is a laptop that packs a one-two punch of good looks and solid performance, with a combination of processor and graphics that usually costs significantly more. It does this by making a few sacrifices, which result in a limited feature set and poor heat dispersion.

Wednesday, August 10 2011

Rosewill ZAIO RCX-ZAIO-92 CPU Cooler Review @ Tweaknews

Posted by Nathan @ 12:46 PM (EDT)

Rosewill's RCX-ZAIO-92 is a terrific little cooler that packs a lot of performance into a compact package that's easily installed and should fit on just about any board and in most cases. Widely available online for as little as $15 US, the ZAIO is also very inexpensive and represents an excellent value. Granted, overclockers will be less than impressed by the cooling performance, but the ZAIO performs much better, (with much less noise) than the OEM unit and would make an excellent replacement unit.


Antec KUHLER H2O 920 CPU Cooler Review @ Vortez

Posted by Jackie @ 8:00 AM (EDT)

Today we will focus on the KÜHLER H2O 920, the larger variant of the series. Thomas previously reviewed the unit in his water-cooling shootout and found it to be a solid performer despite not quite matching a custom kit. In today’s review, we will compare the unit against an array of air coolers to see if the 920 has what it takes to dethrone the Thermalright Silver Arrow and Noctua NH-D14.


Strontium Gamma Series 115GB Solid State Drive Review @ Tweaktown

Posted by Jackie @ 7:57 AM (EDT)

Just recently we looked at the RunCore Pro V Plus, our first in house drive to use a SandForce SF-1200 paired with 25nm flash. You may remember this combination from a recent fiasco that revolved around OCZ Technology replacing their SF-1200 / 3Xnm Vertex 2 drives with the new 25nm models without changing the model number or name. The new 25nm drives are significantly slower than the old 3Xnm flash models and unsuspecting customers were up in arms over getting drives with less usable capacity that were also slower than what they expected."

OCZ Technology has remedied the issue by differing the model numbers, but now more manufacturers are jumping on the SF-1200 bandwagon with 25nm flash. The fact is that 25nm flash is abundant these days and IMFT 3Xnm flash is much harder to procure in any significant quantity. There are some new flash manufacturers rolling out their 3Xnm flash and we'll have the new SanDisk drive in house very soon to see if it performs as well as the IMFT flash.

Corsair Special Edition White Graphite Series 600T Review @ OCC

Posted by Jackie @ 7:52 AM (EDT)

The first thing that I noticed after looking at the case up close is the neat contrast between the white and black faces. The majority of the case is white, but there are black accents around the bezel, side panel window, panel door handles, and around the base. Again, as I was with the Obsidian 650D, I am blown away at the fact that Corsair can call this case a mid tower! It is absolutely massive and weighs almost 30 lbs bone dry — only standing at a few inches shorter than the tremendously sized, Obsidian 800D.

CLICK HERE FOR Corsair Special Edition White Graphite Series 600T DEALS AND PRICING

Zalman VF3000F GTX 570/580 GPU Cooler Review @ Techgage

Posted by Jackie @ 7:50 AM (EDT)

NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 580 is a beast of a card, able to reach 80°C with minimal effort. So what about those who value high performance along with silence? There are some options, such as Zalman's VF3000F after-market cooler. But with it requiring three slots in your PC, and $75 from your wallet, can it deem itself worthy?

Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3-iSSD Intel Z68 Motherboard + 20GB Intel SSD Review @ PCSTATS

Posted by Jackie @ 7:48 AM (EDT)

There are four key features that make the Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3-iSSD motherboard a real killer among Intel Z68 platforms: 1) It comes bundled with a 20GB Intel mSATA SSD for implementing Intel Smart Response Technology. 2) It has an onboard HDMI video output so users can leverage Intel's Quick Sync media transcoding acceleration by way of the Intel Z68+Intel HD 3000/2000 IGP. 3) Lucid Logix Vertu driver support makes it possible to effortlessly switch between integrated graphics for desktop work and a discrete videocard for 3D gaming. 4) The board supports two-way ATI Crossfire and two-way nVidia SLI for serious gamers who need raw FPS-cracking power!


NZXT Sentry Mesh Fan Controller Review @Hi Tech Legion

Posted by Jackie @ 7:46 AM (EDT)

The NZXT Sentry Mesh Fan Controller tackles the cooling to noise ratio dilemma by allowing for control of up to five internal fans individually. Using PWM control, the NZXT Sentry Mesh is capable of continually variable fan speeds from 40% all the way up to the fan’s full capacity. Mounting in an open 5.25” ODD bay, the Sentry Mesh places full control in a convenient location and a mesh face blends into most existing cases for a factory installed look. The NZXT Sentry Mesh uses slider controls for each individual fan for continuously variable speed control. One four pin molex powers the Sentry Mesh and each fan has an individual three pin plug. The Sentry Mesh is capable of powering and controlling fans up to 30 watts each, easily enough for even the most power hungry fans.

ADATA Classic Series CH11 1 TB USB 3.0 @ techPowerUp

Posted by Jackie @ 7:44 AM (EDT)

New USB 3.0 based external hard drives are popping up everywhere and ADATA has joined the fray with their Classic CH11 Series. It aims to offer the new interface with capacities of up to 1 TB at an affordable price point.

Patriot Javelin S4 Media Storage Server Review @ Legit Reviews

Posted by Jackie @ 7:42 AM (EDT)

The Patriot Javelin S4 Media Server lives up to its name of being much more than a simple NAS but a real multimedia server. The combination of up to 12TB of network based storage and the ultra simple plug and play convenience of the quick configuration wizard makes this SOHO solution perfect for someone new to the NAS market. This unit put my fears to rest of a noisy box under my desk because even with all four WD drives being hit hard with random access I was not able to hear a sound from the HDD's or the cooling fan...

Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 PC Case @ DragonSteelMods

Posted by Jackie @ 7:40 AM (EDT)

Today I’ve got another case for review, this time from Thermaltake. The case is called the Chaser MK-1 and it’s big with bold styling and lots of features that anyone building a system can appreciate. The Chaser MK-1 has USB 3.0 ports built-in, 33cm fans to keep the system cool and it has a hard drive docking station built right into the case so you can quickly and easily access hard drives when you need to.


MSI GTX560 Ti Twin Frozer OC Review @ Madshrimps

Posted by Jackie @ 7:38 AM (EDT)

Once in a while a card pops up, that turns the head of many gamers. Not necesarrily because it's being the fastest card in games. But mostly as it's one of the cards that delivers amasing performance for the buck. The GTX560 Ti isn't a new revolutionary design though. Look more at it as a souped up GTX460 256bit 1Gb card. Without further adue time to see how the MSI performs in a few games, but more importantly to see if she can be pushed a bit more.


Tuesday, August 9 2011

IcyDock SSD Xpander (SSD Hybrid) Review @ Kitguru

Posted by Jackie @ 7:59 AM (EDT)

IcyDock have been releasing many cool adapters and gadgets recently, and today we are looking at the SSD Xpander, a device that allows the user to combine a Solid State Drive with a mechanical drive.

Asus Maximus IV Extreme Motherboard Review @ Ninjalane

Posted by Jackie @ 7:57 AM (EDT)

The ROG Maximus IV Extreme is a very unique motherboard that combines many of the enthusiast features that overclockers want with the mainstream stability that gamers and computer users demand.

CLICK HERE FOR Asus Maximus IV Extreme Motherboard DEALS AND PRICING

OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD @ Benchmark Reviews

Posted by Jackie @ 7:55 AM (EDT)

Other World Computing is well known to Apple Mac users, because they've focused on their needs for many years. But when you offer a five year warranty on PC-friendly components, it's hard to ignore the value. The OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD OWCSSDMX6G120T is built from the 2nd-generation SandForce SF-2281 controller, and delivers up to 60,000 IOPS over the latest SATA-6Gb/s connection. Best of all, OWC offers a no-risk no-hassle 30-day money back guarantee. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G solid state drive against the leading competition.

Icy Box IB-NAS5220 NAS @ Rbmods

Posted by Jackie @ 7:53 AM (EDT)

More and more NAS devies make it to the market and they come with more and more features. Today we are taking a look at a NAS from Raidsonic that is equipped with USB ports and printer support. Lets figure out what type of speeds we can get out of this device.

Steelseries Shift MMO keyboard Review @ XSReviews.co.uk

Posted by Jackie @ 7:50 AM (EDT)

After a long period of usage, keyboards become dirty. Sometimes they lose buttons. Sometimes this happens because you smack it at the wall in anger. Whatever reason you have for getting a new keyboard, you also need good reasons to buy a specific one. Maybe one that can be cleaned easily, maybe one that has better resistance to walls.

Introducing, the Shift keyboard. It’s a multimedia chameleon board with removable keyset, aimed at hardcore gamers. Offering a skeleton backpplate which can be used with specialized keysets, which in turn can be programmed through the Steelseries’ Engine software. Let’s see if the Shift can convince you as well as us.


Akasa Noir Max 2.5" Hard Drive Enclosure Review @ eTeknix.com

Posted by Jackie @ 7:48 AM (EDT)

Hard drive enclosures can be very useful devices, you may just want it as a cheap way of using an old hard drive as a backup storage drive, or you may need it to save all those important documents from a laptop hard drive that just won't boot any more. There are many other reasons for using such an enclosure and as you have probably guessed we are taking a look at one of many variants on the standard and usually quite plain Hard Disk Drive Enclosure, in this case it is of the 2.5" only variant, but does take advantage of the latest USB 3.0 interface for hopefully impressive performance.

Akasa have recently been introducing lots of USB 3.0 devices, in fact there are 10 new products on the 2.5" enclosure page of the Akasa website, nearly all of these are of the Super Speed variety and have all been released in the last few months.

Zalman CNPS11X Extreme CPU Cooler Review @ Tweaktown

Posted by Jackie @ 7:47 AM (EDT)

Last I remember from Zalman, I was testing the CNPS10X coolers, of which there were four versions in total - two of which I got to look at personally. There was the Performa and the Extreme, both of which were typical tower based designs with a top cover and other tricks specific to the series. The cooler we are about to see takes on some of the attributes of these coolers, but harks back to the CNPS7 series of coolers for its outer appearance. You might even say both got their concept for the CNPS5, but we aren't splitting hairs here and it looks much more like the 7 series.

The concept with the CNPS7X was that it used the flat square front of a tower design, but the back was trimmed into a wedge shape. Now, back with the CNPS7X, the fins went from the fan edge to the tip of the wedge in the back - for this generation there has been a major change here. Another change is the amount of heat pipes that ran through that cooler. It used three 6mm heat pipes and a really funky mounting system. Both of those have been changed as well. While the cooler we are about to look at has a cover, or hat let's say, it keeps a very similar outer appearance to the CNPS7X, but let's hope along with the redesign we have also improved upon the performance of the CNPS10X series. I mean to take on the new higher number, it only makes sense that it should perform better, right?

Zotac AMP! Geforce GTX 560 (1Gb GDDR5) @ Funky Kit

Posted by Jackie @ 7:44 AM (EDT)

This review will be looking at the Zotac AMP! Geforce GTX 560 (1Gb GDDR5) graphics card. The GTX560 is aimed at the midrange market, where people want good performance but dont necessarily want to pay $500 for a video card. Sure you wont be able to play at super-high resolutions, but you should be fine on pretty much every other resolution out there.

Gigabyte Z68X-UD4-B3 Review @ ocaholic

Posted by Jackie @ 7:39 AM (EDT)

With the Z68X-UD4-B3 Gigabyte presents its midrange model regarding Intels Z68 chipset. The board itself comes with the new color scheme as well as a long feature list of which for example a 16 phase power design is part of. For us this is reason enough to take a closer look at this board in order to show what it can and what it can't.


iBuyPower BTS11 Gaming PC @ TechREACTION

Posted by Jackie @ 7:37 AM (EDT)

Some might say, “Hey, I could build a rig similar, or better, for a lot less.” In actuality, while doing a price comparison via Newegg with the different components the system comes with, including the operating system — some parts we couldn’t find to include in the price comparison, like the Xion 700W PSU, the actual RAM, and iBuyPower’s water cooling solution, so similar parts were priced out instead — we found that it would cost about the same as what iBuyPower is offering the BTS 11 for.

Monday, August 8 2011

Xigmatek Pantheon Computer Case Review @ Tweaknews

Posted by Nathan @ 3:16 PM (EDT)

Xigmatek's Pantheon chassis is a really nice case, especially for the money. For around a hundred bucks you get a distinctive look, excellent tool-free solutions and a rich feature set that makes the Pantheon a very good value, even in this crowded pricepoint. The cooling performance is very good, and the case responds well to additional case fans, at least on the side panel.


Sapphire Radeon HD 6950 2GB Dirt 3 Edition Graphics Card Review @ eTeknix.com

Posted by Jackie @ 7:42 AM (EDT)

AMD released the 6950 graphics card quite some time ago, but it's still one of the best selling cards around as it gives customers great performance for a reasonable price. From time to time, some partners bundle games or certain software with their cards to give something extra to their buyers.

Today sees us taking a look at the Sapphire Radeon HD 6950 2GB Dirt 3 Edition graphics card which from a first glance will seem as if the only added extra is the inclusion of Dirt 3 but this card offers so much more with a custom PCB design and custom cooler for the most extreme gaming situations.

We will be seeing how this card compares against its rival competition from Nvidia as well as other similarly powered cards from AMD themselves.

CLICK HERE FOR Sapphire Radeon HD 6950 2GB Dirt 3 Edition DEALS AND PRICING

ASUS Transformer Tablet Review @ HardwareHeaven

Posted by Jackie @ 7:37 AM (EDT)

The ASUS Transformer is a lightweight Tegra 2 Android tablet that doubles as a capable laptop thanks to a matching keyboard dock. Today we will be taking a detailed look at the Transformer to find out if ASUS can back up the high quality styling with some substance.


Sapphire Pure Platinum A75 Motherboard Review @ Kitguru

Posted by Jackie @ 7:34 AM (EDT)

Today we are going to look at Sapphire’s first attempt at a Lynx motherboard, the Pure Platinum A75. As it’s name suggests, this sports the top-end A75 FCH (Fusion Controller Hub) and, as a result, it boasts an impressive specification which includes an array of SATA 6G ports and USB3.0 support. Unlike the Asus motherboard we looked at, the Sapphire A75 makes use of the full-size ATX form factor, rather than Micro ATX.

Patriot Torqx 2 256GB Solid State Drive Review @ Tweaktown

Posted by Jackie @ 7:32 AM (EDT)

Back in May we previewed the Patriot Torqx 2 120GB solid state drive and found that it offered average mainstream performance that was better than the large OEM system builder solutions. In short, that was code for saying the 120GB model sucked for enthusiasts, but then again, this isn't an enthusiast SSD. The Torqx 2 did offer low access times that were a lot less than platter drives, so Twitface and web surfers still get the SSD feel, but only see small performance increases when transferring data.

After Patriot released the Torqx 2, they followed it up with the 2011 flagship WildFire that uses a SandForce SF-2281 controller and synchronous flash, and then the Pyro that uses the same SandForce SF-2281 controller, but paired it with asynchronous flash. The price difference between the Pyro and the Torqx 2 at the time of writing is very small, so that leads us to wonder what Patriot is planning to do with the Torqx 2 and the long established Torqx Series of products all together.

Corsair Performance 3 256GB SSD Review @ Hardware Canucks

Posted by Jackie @ 7:29 AM (EDT)

Corsair's Performance 3 SSDs were all the rage at this year's CES but after a short time, they were almost forgotten in favor of newer SandForce-based drives. Now, months after launch we're taking a look at the Performance 3 in its 256GB form and have come to realize that its Marvell controller has some unique features that allow it to stand out from the pack.


NZXT HAVIK 140 CPU Cooler Review @ Techgage

Posted by Jackie @ 7:25 AM (EDT)

With NZXT having expanded its product portfolio on multiple occasions throughout the years, the introduction of its first-ever CPU cooler, HAVIK 140, almost didn't even come as a surprise. But, how good is it? Well, it's big, has dual fans, aims for silence, and looks aesthetically-pleasing, so it holds a good chance of impressing.

Silverstone Fortress FT03 mATX Tower Case @ Pro-Clockers

Posted by Jackie @ 7:23 AM (EDT)

Silverstone has a real winner with the TJ-07, but they are looking to repeat the success with the Fortress FT03 mATX tower case. The FT03 is nothing like the TJ07 when it comes to a PC case. Yes, the quality and the Silverstone name is stamped on it. It is made of aluminum like the famous case is but that is where it stops. The FT03 is aimed at the individual that wants a stylish case possibly to build a nice HTPC from. Many us of will think of the typical desktop horizontal case when looking for the ideal home theatre system case. The FT03 is just the opposite as it stands upright and proud.