Week of September 30, 2007

Saturday, October 6 2007

Treo 750 Review @ Project PDA

Posted by Nathan @ 4:32 PM (EDT)

"Integrated Bluetooth, 1.3 megapixel camera, 3G (UMTS) network compatibility in Palm Treo 750 is complemented with a commendable voice clarity devoid of echo syndromes, even with the speaker mode active. Attending a call is never a compromise during simultaneous navigation or staying online. The termination of a calling session is notified with an unique number saving option."


YouGamers Latest Content: Blazing Angels 2 (PC) Review

Posted by Nathan @ 4:31 PM (EDT)

"We get a quick flashback to World War 2 and the story of your secret squadron begins. The first "real" mission comes up simple - deliver a spy to France undetected, using a fighter. Sounds plausible, let's just fly over there below radar and quickly put the plane down on some field and take off before the Germans can catch you, right? Nope. The mission expects you to fly over a train, and keep the plane there for a good while as the spy jumps off your Hurricane on top of the train. Reality Check: Failure. Not to mention after delivering the spy you are expected to blow up piles nearby ground troops, including their anti-aircraft batteries, which somehow were sound asleep while you pulled off silly stuff over the train."


Cooler Master RC-690 Review @ techPowerUp

Posted by Nathan @ 4:31 PM (EDT)

The Cooler Master RC-690 is their newest mainstream case. It combines the benefits of great aircooling, screwless design and compatiblilty with large graphic cards with solid steel construction. All this comes at a very affordable price point. The case can be had with or without a window.


DH Review: Revoltec Rhodium Chassis

Posted by Nathan @ 4:30 PM (EDT)

The majority of Revoltec products consist of trendy looking cables, fans, input devices and USB peripherals. They are still not one of the most well known companies on the planet, but they are well respected by enthusiasts throughout Europe. Although most products Revoltec produce have been modding related equipment, they have recently begun to diversify more and moved on to cooling, enclosure and ATX case products.

A Look Inside Corsair's HX620W Power Supply @ OCModshop

Posted by Nathan @ 4:30 PM (EDT)

Corsair has been known among PC enthusiasts as one of the best suppliers of high performance memory products for many years. Many companies are starting to broaden their product lines to include their own brands of power supplies, cases, and other equipment. To this end, Corsair has partnered with Seasonic (also known for their quality power supply units since the 1980s) to deliver a quality computer power supply with the Corsair name behind it, the HX620.


Corsair Flash Padlock 2GB USB Drive Review @ Bigbruin.com

Posted by Nathan @ 4:29 PM (EDT)

The Flash Padlock 2GB USB Drive performed as advertised, and as Corsair confirmed it is "not an enterprise secure device", but I have to question why a home user should expect to pay more for security features, and in the end only get marginally better security than could be available on a more typical USB flash drive? It only takes a few minutes and some basic electrical know-how to take the drive apart and bypass the lock.



Gaming Heaven Review: Settlers: Rise of an Empire (PC)

Posted by Nathan @ 4:29 PM (EDT)

Town/City building games were very popular back in the day with titles like SimCity, Caesar (and later Zeus and Pharaoh) getting a new sequel every year or two. Yes, those were really the times for us strategists who prefer to count the coins in our treasury and make tax cuts instead of sending troops into the fray. The Settlers have been a classic since the early days, combining a cartoonish look with a very deep, often mind-numbing resource system where entire chains of resources were needed for some of the final products. The new Settlers games left most with a sour taste in their mouths, so expectations weren’t too high. On the other hand Blue Byte promised to make a return to their roots, simplifying things in the process. The result, although not quite like the old Settlers games, might just be what it takes to bring the series back on the map.

CLICK HERE FOR Settlers: Rise of an Empire (PC) SHOPPING & PRICING

Friday, October 5 2007

MSI NX8600GT OC Edition Review @ Viper Lair

Posted by Nathan @ 3:12 PM (EDT)

"When compared to the competition, the MSI NX8600GT OC Edition certainly holds it's own well, and more often than not beats competing GPU's from the other camp, especially where anti-aliasing is concerned. It does fall behind when compared to ATI's offerings for video decoding, but it does well enough simply by virtue that the ATI offerings perform exceptionally."


PowerColor HD2600 Pro 512MB Video Card Review @ OCC

Posted by Nathan @ 3:12 PM (EDT)

"While you won't be playing the latest games at the highest resolutions, you will be able to run at fair settings for the casual gamer. I was impressed that the card did so well compared to the other two, since it was the slowest of the three. In the newer benchmarks it even surpassed the comparison cards during some of the settings. I was happy when it did so well in RyderMark. Games that had videos in them, like Need For Speed: Most Wanted, were crisp and clear, with no lagging. This card did exactly as it advertised with flying colors."

CLICK HERE FOR PowerColor HD2600 Pro 512MB Video Card SHOPPING & PRICING

Antec Veris A/V Component Cooler Review @ Virtual-Hideout

Posted by Nathan @ 3:12 PM (EDT)

“The Veris family is a new line of personal home theater multimedia components made by Antec. Currently, the series contains only five products, but more are expected. Up for review today is the Veris A/V cooler, an ingenious accessory for prolonging the life expectancy of your home entertainment products by keeping your equipment running cool.”

CLICK HERE FOR Antec Veris A/V Component Cooler SHOPPING & PRICING

Enermax Infinity 720W Power Supply Review @ PCSTATS.com

Posted by Nathan @ 3:11 PM (EDT)

Enermax is power supply brand that differentiates itself on features and appearance. Both are good qualities, but power efficiency is something it should improve upon. A power efficient PSU that is difficult to use isn't much good, and the same rings true for a unit which has all the physical qualities take care of, but isn't as power efficient as it could be.

Lian Li PC-C32 Review @ XSReviews

Posted by Nathan @ 3:11 PM (EDT)

"Lian Li are well known for their prowess at forging PC cases from aluminium. We’ve seen their desktop towers, and so today I have a horizontal desktop enclosure with the possibility of it being mounted in a server rack.

Hopefully it carries on the same design and quality of the other Lian Li offerings."

Silverstone Element ST50EF-Plus 500W PSU Review @ HardwareLogic

Posted by Nathan @ 3:10 PM (EDT)

In recent months 700 to 1000 watt monsters have been stealing the spotlight on the power supply stage. Many people may think the time of the 500 watt unit has come and gone, but that is just not the case. Believe it or not, 500 watt units can still hold their own and perform just fine on most systems, even some systems that many enthusiasts consider high end. Yeah, if you are running a quad processor, with six hard drives and two 8800GTX's in SLI, then you are going to want to pick up a PSU with a "few" more watts. But how many people do you know that have power sucking rigs like that? Or an even better question: How is this 500 watt unit going to hold up in an average enthusiast system? Follow along with us to find out...

SilverStone MFP51 multimedia LCD Review @ DVHardware

Posted by Nathan @ 3:10 PM (EDT)

Home theatre PCs are quite popular these days and this type of enclosures can be found in many flavors. Some HTPC enclosures come with lots of fancy features such as displays and remote controllers while other enclosures are more simple. If you have a pretty basic HTPC enclosure you might want to check out the SilverStone MFP51.


Antec Fusion Media Center Case @ PC Freaks & Geeks

Posted by Nathan @ 3:10 PM (EDT)

My favourite past-time used to be getting up close and personal with the latest ATX cases on the market. As you can see from the majority of case reviews in our database Richard has taken on this very task. However, when the latest media case was delivered by Antec (and i know Richard will be seeing red) i just couldn't help myself and decided to rip open the packaging and examine this one myself. Unlike many other Media Center PC's that resemble a complete PC system sitting next to your quality and very expensive home theatre setup, the Antec Fusion possesses clean lines, sleek appearance and a design that is simply superb!! Complete with a 430w PSU, silent operation & incredible Vacuum Fluorescent Display, i have a feeling this particular case will have you jumping up and down in sheer delight and amazement....

CLICK HERE FOR Antec Fusion Media Center Case SHOPPING & PRICING


Thecus N1200 single bay NAS device Review @ Elite Bastards

Posted by Nathan @ 3:09 PM (EDT)

"The front of the N1200 is a lesson in simple elegance, with more than a passing nod to the Xbox 360 in its basic design (minus the Red Rings of Death, I hasten to add!). The N1200 is designed to stand vertically, as pictured here, with the front of the unit containing two buttons - One for powering the device on and off, and the other to initiate a copy from the drive housed within the device to an external drive, most likely connected to one of the N1200's USB ports. You can see that one of these USB ports (which will accept both standard external hard drives and flash memory sticks) has sensibly been placed at the front of the unit, with the other housed at the rear of the enclosure. That aside, numerous LEDs make up the rest of the N1200's faceplate, showing the unit's status as well as any activity on the WAN, LAN, hard disk and USB ports."

Ideazon Merc Stealth Illuminated Keyboard Review @ XtremeComputing

Posted by Nathan @ 3:08 PM (EDT)

"I'm torn with this keyboard. To be honest, during general windows use the board frustrates the living daylights out of me. However I know that this is due to how much I rely on keyboard shortcuts for regular windows operation. But on the other hand this keyboard does more than excel at what it was designed for, gaming."

CLICK HERE FOR Ideazon Merc Stealth Illuminated Keyboard SHOPPING & PRICING

Auzentech X-Fi Prelude @ Techgage

Posted by Nathan @ 3:08 PM (EDT)

Finally! We are beginning to see Creative's chipset offerings being used in other manufacturers sound cards. The first such product is Auzentech's X-Fi Prelude, which we have on the test bench today. Though it excels in some regards, we find out that it has a lot of room for improvement.

Logitech G9 Laser Gaming Mouse Review @ OzHardware

Posted by Nathan @ 3:07 PM (EDT)

Logitech already dominates the market for gaming mice, primarily with the G5 model which is still the benchmark that all mice are compared to. Now they’ve released their new G9 model – jam-packed with features but a lot more expensive.

CLICK HERE FOR Logitech G9 Laser Gaming Mouse SHOPPING & PRICING

Cooler Master Vortex 752 CPU Cooler Review @ ThinkComputers.org

Posted by Nathan @ 3:07 PM (EDT)

“Cooler Master is not extremely well known for their CPU coolers, but they should be. They are affordable and can compete in performance with other top brands that cost a lot more. Today we are looking at the Vortex 752, which is a smaller CPU cooler, but don't let that fool you it is very powerful. It features 2 heatpipe design, 92mm fan, and an all copper base. Read on to see how the Vortex 752 stacks up against all of the other coolers we have tested.”

Thursday, October 4 2007

Apple iPod Shuffle Second Generation 1Gb MP3 Player Review @ Tweaknews.net

Posted by Nathan @ 3:29 AM (EDT)

In the end, there isn't a whole lot I can is wrong with the iPod Shuffle. It does everything it is intended to do. When in use, you don't even notice that it is there. Hell, my aftermarket Sony headphones I use with this product weigh more than this player. The product is simple to use, has an excellent battery life and with a capacity of 200-240 songs, one song load and one charge should set you up with hours of listening enjoyment without any unneeded bulk.


LG DVD Burner GSA-H62N SATA vs GSA-H50N IDE Review @ OCC

Posted by Nathan @ 3:27 AM (EDT)

"Everything has come a long way since those days. One of those advances is the ATA connector called Serial ATA (SATA). IDE (also referred to as Parallel ATA) had a burstable data rate of 133MB/second, where as the first iteration of SATA had a burst rate of 150MB/second. More recently, SATAII doubled that, coming in at a whopping 300MB/second. With these numbers it should be clear to everyone that SATA blows IDE out of the water, but is that really the case? IDE drives are still being made; are they simply being grandfathered out or are they up to par? Let's find out together by taking a look at a couple of optical drives."


HP w2408 24-inch LCD Review @ Digital Trends

Posted by Nathan @ 3:26 AM (EDT)

"The w2408 has impressive technical specs, a 4-port USB 2.0 hub and costs a very reasonable $600 USD."


Future Sonics Atrio Canalphones @ TheTechLounge

Posted by Nathan @ 3:26 AM (EDT)

"If you're in the market for a decent set of earphones (or canalphones) and have done a bit of research, you have likely heard a thing or two about Future Sonics' Atrio series canalphones. Doing a quick Google search, skimming Future Sonics' website, or even consulting the handy-dandy "reviewer's guide" they sent me reveals quite a bit of hype surrounding these particular canalphones. Future Sonics even quotes several award-winning producers, composers and artists exclaiming their profound love of the Atrio. Now, I would be concerned about a company who didn't hype their product, but everything I've heard about these canalphones leads me to believe they were crafted by Jesus himself! I couldn't wait to hear the heavenly tones of my favorite music being reproduced by these babies! Did these canalphones live up to the hype, especially with so many big names backing them up? Let's see how I felt after a month of usage, while comparing them to several other canalphones ranging from the bargain to the big-ticket..."

Patriot 2x1GB PC3-15000 1866MHz DDR3 Memory Review @ Virtual-Hideout

Posted by Nathan @ 3:25 AM (EDT)

“Well, I was sitting here one afternoon contemplating what could possibly be any better than an 1800MHz DDR3 memory kit that could help me melt down my E6600 and whichever motherboard to further compliment such a feat. To my surprise, Patriot Memory stepped up to the plate in good form with something better. As if 1800MHz wasn't plenty of speed right now, this team has been busy finalizing and currently offering the Patriot PC3-15000 2GB Kit. If you calculate that out (which can sometimes cause headaches), that's 1866MHz of raw memory frequency. How much memory bandwidth and performance does that offer? Let's find out!”

MSI Starcam Genie Review @ XSReviews

Posted by Nathan @ 3:24 AM (EDT)

"MSI produce a myriad of different components. From motherboards to graphics cards, mp3 players to webcams. Speaking of which, today I am testing their newest little cam, the Starcam Genie."

DH Review: XFX 8800GTS 320Mb Fatal1ty & Gainward Bliss 8800GTS 640Mb

Posted by Nathan @ 3:24 AM (EDT)

At the beginning of September we took a look at a couple of GeForce 8600 cards and investigated whether more memory or higher clock speed was more advantageous to outright performance. This article proved a popular read, so today we follow up and take a look at how speed/memory specifications affect the 8800 GTS cards.

We will be looking at the clock speed enhanced XFX 320Mb Fatal1ty card compared to the standard 640Mb model from Gainward. Not only do these cards have differing specifications they also come with their own unique bundled extras and interesting price points which make the overall comparison rather interesting.


Asus P5K Deluxe WiFi-AP Motherboard Review @ Viper Lair

Posted by Nathan @ 3:23 AM (EDT)

"There are plenty of options in the BIOS for overclocking, and the BIOS itself is one of the easiest we have used. It's also without a doubt the easiest overclocking board we've used. Even the most inexperienced overclocker should be able to leave pretty much everything on automatic and start dialling up the FSB and achieve a very high overclock."


Corsair VX450w @ Bjorn3D

Posted by Nathan @ 3:22 AM (EDT)

Why is it that in order to get quality from a product you have pay through the nose for it? What ever happened to the days when quality came as a standard and you didn't pay extra to get it? I suppose when you spend close to $700 on a video card there are certain expectations of quality that come with such a purchase but shouldn't the same apply if you're buying a power supply for $80 USD? Well my friends I can tell you that you no longer have to ask why, Corsair has the answer. Bringing the same level of quality they instill in their memory chips Corsair is determined to provide a top notch product at a bargain basement price. So while those of you who may be looking to buy 1300 watts of extreme goodness can expect a high level of quality now that same level can be found in 450 watt versions.


ASRock GeForce 7050 ALiveNF7G-HD720p Videocard Review @ Tweaktown

Posted by Nathan @ 3:22 AM (EDT)

"While there has been criticism about the acquisition of ATI from the jolly green giant AMD, it has indefinitely produced one good thing, a stable platform for AMD to base its CPUs around. No longer will they have to rely on their third-party chipset manufacturers to make good platforms for them, now they can make their own and so far they have released one chipset under the AMD brand, the 690G.

The 690G was well ahead of the GeForce 6100 and 6150 in terms of its HD ready design, it’s able to accommodate a HDMI interface. AMD put its best foot forward and its taken until now for NVIDIA to come up with a counterpart, enter the GeForce 7050."

Gigabyte GA-MA69GM-S2H Review @ Techgage

Posted by Nathan @ 3:21 AM (EDT)

Gigabyte's new GA-MA69GM-S2H board has HTPC written all over it, with no fewer than six possible video output types, optical Toslink output, and AMD's 690G chipset with Radeon X1250 IGP. In our review, we find more than a few reasons to recommend it to anyone who’s considering a new HTPC.


Wednesday, October 3 2007

Corsair Padlock USB Flash Drive Review @ Tweaknews.net

Posted by Nathan @ 5:16 AM (EDT)

In the world of flash drives, the Padlock is unique. While in most cases it is a regular, run-of-the-mill drive, the addition of the passcode feature is a welcome addition. Passcodes are easy to set, or you can just leave the drive unlocked until you feel the need for security. Speed is about average, not super fast or deadly slow, and on par with other flash drives of its capacity.


Gigabyte GeForce 8600GT Video Card Review @ OCC

Posted by Nathan @ 5:15 AM (EDT)

"What kind of noise was there? NONE! After all, there's no fan. This is a great change from the hair dryer that normally resides in the graphics slot on my computer. The "Silent-Pipe II Technology" actually kept GPU temperatures well out of the danger zone. I was expecting temperatures in the 80 Celsius range, but after some gaming and benchmarking (3DMark06 looped 4 times) the on-board temperature sensor gave a reading of 58 Celsius via Riva Tuner; something I was not expecting."

CLICK HERE FOR Gigabyte GeForce 8600GT Video Card SHOPPING & PRICING

Sunbeam UFO Acrylic Cube Case @ techPowerUp

Posted by Nathan @ 5:14 AM (EDT)

The UFO Acrylic Cube case from Sunbeam has a lot of unique features for a clear plastic case. The cube design is unlike other clear cases I've seen, and its compact size makes it great for smaller systems or users with space restrictions. There is a large amount of "WOW-factor" that comes with a case like this, and it is sure to turn some heads.

Chill Innovation CP-520A4 PSU Review @ Metku.net

Posted by Nathan @ 5:14 AM (EDT)

"Chill Innovation is one of the manufacturers that have just recently entered the PSU business. This makes seeing how their new product performs even more interesting. Before power supplies, Chill Innovation have been manufacturing for example adapter cables for power supplies and anti vibration kits for hard drives."

YouGamers Latest Content: Tiger Woods 08 (PC) Review

Posted by Nathan @ 5:14 AM (EDT)

"Just like real golf, perfecting a swing in Tiger Woods PGA Tour '08 takes time. EA's True Swing technology, which mimics a golf club swing with mouse movements, requires some time spent in Practice mode before any consistency in shots can be attained. Setting the profile difficulty to Novice or Intermediate is a must when using a high-DPI optical mouse – the Advanced setting is far too sensitive with a fast-tracking mouse. Using a mouse with adjustable sensitivity, I found it necessary to turn the sensitivity down to an extreme degree using the mouse's driver software."


ECS P35T-A and Gigabyte GA-P31-DS3L @ HotHardware.com

Posted by Nathan @ 5:13 AM (EDT)

Today at HotHardware, we have looked at two affordably priced Core 2 platforms based on the Intel P3x series chipset, to see if there were any major differences in terms of performance, features, and overclockability between the two. Representing the P35 Express, we have the ECS P35T-A, which retails for a little over $100 USD. In addition, we have the new Gigabyte GA-P31-DS3L representing the P31 Express. This new Gigabyte motherboard is currently selling for about 20% less (around $80 USD), making it one of the least expensive P3x boards currently on the market.



Complete Halo 3 Walkthrough @ OCModshop

Posted by Nathan @ 5:13 AM (EDT)

You must follow your squad to meet up with Sgt. Johnson, and you don't have the luxury of an objective arrow (at the moment), but luckily your team knows the way. The Arbiter always has a blue arrow abive his head, so you can easily find your bearings

Follow your teammates until you come to a waterfall. Once you reach the entrance into the open area, a Covenant Phantom drops the first enemies you encounter. Follow the path up to your right and fight the troops in the cement bunkers to your right.


Zalman Z-Machine GT1000 Case Review @ HardwareLogic

Posted by Nathan @ 5:12 AM (EDT)

Earlier this year we reviewed Zalman's FZ-CE1 Fatal1ty case. Although we loved the build quality and design, having "Fatal1ty" etched on every flat surface really soured us on an otherwise stellar case. Zalman listened, and has introduced the Z-Machine GT1000, an enthusiast-level chassis that will continue to be cool long after "Fatal1ty" is a creepy, balding, unemployed 40-year-old.


Biostar Geforce 8600GTS V-Ranger Review @ Tweaktown

Posted by Nathan @ 5:12 AM (EDT)

"The latest series to enter the Biostar E Gate family of graphics cards is of course the 8600s from NVIDIA. Their cards have recently become more interesting thanks to the implementation of V-Ranger which is what Biostar name their smart voltage and dynamic clock software.

The 8600GTS is already a pretty competitive area so it will be interesting to see if Biostar can do anything that stands out from the pack. Hopefully it’s more than just another run of the mill 8600GTS offering."

Titan TTC-G5T Extendable Notebook Cooling Pad Speakers @ Pro-Clockers

Posted by Nathan @ 5:12 AM (EDT)

Over the last few years, consumers have been inundated with cooling solutions for their notebook PCs. Most are pretty gimmicky, but others actually have some scientific method that will help cool the hottest laptops and keep them running more efficiently and hopefully, more quietly. Today, we have the Titan TTC-G5T Extendable Notebook Cooling Pad speakers on our test bench. This device’s mission in life is simple – to give users a better sound solution than their notebook offers and at the same time raise it up off the desk to let more cool air flow underneath. We are going to challenge this claim and see if this product’s capabilities have any merit.

DFI LanParty UT P35 T2R Review @ Ninjalane

Posted by Nathan @ 5:11 AM (EDT)

On the surface the P35 chipset appears to be nothing more than a minor upgrade to the i9xx series but it's really more than that. The advancement in core logic officially breaks the P35 away from the legacy Pentium 4 processor model so it can support the new wave of multi core processors.


Tuesday, October 2 2007

6 Tools to Help Recover Your Data @ OCModshop

Posted by Nathan @ 5:09 PM (EDT)

I don't think I have to say that data loss is everyone's nightmare. At home, data loss could mean years worth of photos, videos, financials, and documents lost. In business, data loss means money out the window. Many times, however, you want to recover data, but you don't want to pay the exorbitant fees that data recovery companies charge ($150-$250/hour). Let me introduce you to some free data recovery tools.

BFG Ageia PhysX Card Review @ techPowerUp

Posted by Nathan @ 5:08 PM (EDT)

BFG is one of two companies offering the Ageia PhysX card in form of a retail product. The PPU - physics proccesing unit - is an additioal processor to the GPU and CPU. It enables real life physics and interactivity within supporting games. While the first games and a high price tag upon launch did not live up to expectations, the brand new Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 and a very affordable 120 USD price tag makes this a great addition nowadays.


Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave @ TheTechLounge

Posted by Nathan @ 5:08 PM (EDT)

"As a keyboard snob, I have to preface this with a forewarning: I hate ergonomic keyboards. I find that they tweak my tendons (or don't tweak them enough) and muss with my muscle memory. They cause me to make typos and my fingers feel crammed together. I don't like scaled-down keyboards or keyboards that are missing keys due to the fact that most people don't use them. I use 'em all, even insert. (OK, maybe not scroll lock, but I'd use it in a pinch if I, er, knew what it did.) The truth is that the first keyboards and their mechanical predecessors needed little improvement. My grandmother, who shakes holding a pen, can still type faster than I can speak. Competitive typers all use straight keyboards, and rely on pianist's reflexes and ruler's-edge posture to crack out pages. The ergonomic multimedia keyboard does what an army of secretaries can't do: they make using a computer friendly."

CLICK HERE FOR Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave SHOPPING & PRICING

Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Review @ Modders-Inc

Posted by Nathan @ 5:07 PM (EDT)

The Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave brings several nice features to the table with it at a moderate price of 89.99 USD. The keyboard is designed to offer optimal comfort for those that prefer an ergonomically styled keyboard. The laser mouse offers contoured sides and both the keyboard and mouse utilize soft rubber pads / grips.

CLICK HERE FOR Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave SHOPPING & PRICING

YouGamers Latest Content: Stranglehold (PC) Review

Posted by Nathan @ 5:06 PM (EDT)

"While parts of the destruction is still "faked" with normal tricks such as decal work and sprite-based debris clouds, the developers have been very creative in the dark art of visual trickery. The cheats are mixed in with real breakup of objects and predetermined parts of the level and the combined effect works very well. And it's not just a couple of specific parts and objects - the engine actually supports the deconstruction of almost every object and big parts of the level geometry, with large chunks actually staying around. It's entirely possible to redecorate whole rooms in all kinds of creative ways while blowing away piles of bad guys."


Tuniq TX-2 Thermal Paste Review @ OverclockerCafe

Posted by Nathan @ 5:06 PM (EDT)

To put things in perspective, if one cooler bested another by four degrees Celsius, people would be singing from the rooftops. For load temperature results to drop over four degrees Celsius by changing the kind of thermal paste you use is equally admirable. We didn't see a huge difference between the Tuniq and the ThermalRight paste but it was there. The reengineering of the TX-2 was certainly worthwhile.

World in Conflict - Performance @ Bjorn3D

Posted by Nathan @ 5:05 PM (EDT)

I sometimes wonder what kind of computers we would use if no-one played games. It is often said that it is the games that drive the development of new and faster technology and I definitely think that is correct. Who has heard anyone talking about upgrading their computer with a new Quad-Core CPU or GeForce 8800GTX just to "surf faster" or "write documents faster"?


DH Review: Cybersnipa Game Pad V2 and Intelliscope Mouse

Posted by Nathan @ 5:05 PM (EDT)

CyberSnipa is one of the few companies exclusively focusing on gaming products. CyberSnipa products are designed and developed by Flexiglow, a Hong Kong based company which is a global supplier of gaming and modding products. Nowadays gaming is considered much more than just a way to kill time as many consider it to be a sport or even a way of life! CyberSnipa designs and makes products which are exceptionally dangerous tools at the hands of those people.


CLICK HERE FOR Cybersnipa Intelliscope Mouse SHOPPING & PRICING



Digit-Life Review: Fujitsu Siemens Computers LIFEBOOK P7230

Posted by Nathan @ 5:05 PM (EDT)

"A surge in consumer interest in feature-rich mobile solutions brought to life new types of devices, such as UMPCs, which combine functionality of personal computers with a compact form factor. However, classic ultraportable notebooks continue to evolve as well, and Fujitsu Siemens LIFEBOOK P7230 is the proof. The key highlight of this model is its top-notch communication features. Along with the standard LAN/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, the notebook is also equipped with built-in UMTS/HSDPA (compatible with GSM/GPRS). And an integrated web camera with microphones will help you use broadband lanes to their full extent. All of these make P7230 one of the most feature-rich product in its class. Add to this a 3cm (1.18") thick stylish body, smaller than an A4 sheet of paper and lighter than 1.5 kg."

Logitech G9 Gaming Mouse Review @ Tweaktown

Posted by Nathan @ 5:04 PM (EDT)

"It seems like this is the year of the gaming mouse, with new products from Logitech, Microsoft, Razer and SteelSeries. The first one to get us a sample to have a play with was Logitech with its new G9 mouse. Even from the word go people thought it looked odd and we can’t disagree that we had our doubts about this new design, since the previous design has been around for a good few years now, even though it has received a few tweaks along the road.

The most unique aspect with the G9 is the fact that the shape of the mouse can be changed, something no other mouse has ever offered. The interchangeable grips are an excellent idea and the mouse ships with two different grips so hopefully Logitech will follow through and release more grips for it in the future."


Thermaltake’s Toughpower 500W Modular PSU Review @ XtremeComputing

Posted by Nathan @ 5:04 PM (EDT)

"The bottom of the PSU has a 140mm fan on it, this is big. So the fan can push more air while spinning slower (compared to smaller fans). This means that it is very quiet. And with the included silicon dampener, noise will be at a minimum."

CLICK HERE FOR Thermaltake’s Toughpower 500W Modular PSU SHOPPING & PRICING


ViewSonic VX2255wmb 22-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor Review @ ThinkComputers.org

Posted by Nathan @ 5:03 PM (EDT)

“Back in January at CES we first saw the VX2255wmb and I instantly wanted one. Its sleek design and integrated 1.3-megapixel really made it stand out from other monitors. Also the VX2255wmh version comes in a pearl white, which Mac fans will enjoy. Today will are looking at the VX2255wmb version which is black and features a 1680X1050 native resolution, 5ms response time, and integrated speakers as well as the integrated 1.3-megapixel camera. Let's see if it's the perfect LCD for you!”

CLICK HERE FOR ViewSonic VX2255wmb 22-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor SHOPPING & PRICING


Insignia NS-LCD32 32 Inch 720p HDTV Monitor @ Benchmark Reviews

Posted by Nathan @ 5:03 PM (EDT)

With a 1000:1 contrast ratio and 500 cd/m² brightness, the Insignia 32-Inch 720p HDTV lets you view crisp, clear picture quality from your favorite movies and games. The HDMI input ensures there's no loss of picture quality when you hook up your A/V components. Join Benchmark Reviews in a detailed inspection of the Insignia NS-LCD32 Monitor.

Monday, October 1 2007

Philips 200XW 20 inch WSXGA LCD Monitor Review @ OCC

Posted by Nathan @ 5:30 AM (EDT)

"If you look really really close, you can see something slightly unusual, a USB type-B port. Now what is the point of this, you may ask? Does it send advanced messages to the computer? No, it's merely a passive USB connection for the USB socket on the side of the monitor. Being passive means it's just a direct electrical connection, so if you hook it up to a USB2 device, the monitor USB port is USB2, and if you go USB1, it's USB1. Maybe one day there'll be USB3 and then you can get really excited!"

Gaming Heaven Review: Halo 3 (Xbox 360)

Posted by Nathan @ 5:29 AM (EDT)

When a game generates over $170 million in the first 24 hours (USA alone!) there is clearly something exceptional about it. Some might disagree when I call the Halo franchise one, if not the most important hallmark in gaming, but Bungie’s games up until now never failed to impress. Is Halo 3 the great game it was supposed to be, or are the incredible sales all due to Microsoft spending millions on marketing? PC zealots will undoubtedly go with the second option while the Xbox360 fans are already lighting the torches and sharpening their pitchforks to defend the title. As usual the truth is somewhere in between ...


OCZ Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse Review @ Technoyard

Posted by Nathan @ 5:29 AM (EDT)

" The OCZ Equalizer provides six DPI sensitivity levels (400-2500) and allows gamers to seamlessly transition between each setting in the midst of a battle with a conveniently placed button. The Equalizer’s scroll wheel displays a different color LED for each DPI setting to provide instant visual confirmation of the chosen sensitivity level. The Triple Threat Button feature and programmable buttons will certainly attract the hardcore gamer out there."


Zalman Reserator XT Hybrid Liquid Cooling System Review @ Virtual-Hideout

Posted by Nathan @ 5:28 AM (EDT)

“Water cooling rigs have come and gone over the years, along with the companies that make them. Zalman has been one of the few who made it, and they have done so due to the quality of the products they produce. Not only is the quality good, the performance is excellent. The water cooling unit up for review is the Zalman Reserator XT, which is a stand-alone water cooling system that sits outside an enclosure. This design keeps the hot temperature of the enclosure components away from the reservoir. Also, the Reserator XT is highly expandable by allowing the user to add additional water blocks without having to drain the entire cooling system. Everything needed to get the cooling system up and running is included in one package.”

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Sunday, September 30 2007

Kingwin Revolution Cooler Review @ OverclockerCafe

Posted by Nathan @ 4:06 PM (EDT)

A $30 cooler just knocked off one of the best performing sinks ever to come in the shop. We just couldn't believe it. We believe it now though. The Heatpipe Direct Touch design is here to stay. The performance boost was flat incredible. What's more is that it's a performance boost that is less expensive to produce than the standard design. More powerful and lower priced cooling is what HDT brings to the table. I fully expect this design to be what all cooling manufacturers to migrate to.


TAGAN ITZ 1300W PSU Review @ GideonTech.com

Posted by Nathan @ 4:06 PM (EDT)

"This PSU is not one for your basic machine. This is an ITZ 1300 watt PSU made for high end equipment. There is enough power and rails to provide most game system builds with all it's needs and leave ample power to spare. When you first pick up the box be warned it is not light weight. A rough estimate would make it about two to three times the weight of a normal 600w PSU."

Matrox DualHead2Go Digital Edition Review @ Technoyard

Posted by Nathan @ 4:05 PM (EDT)

"DualHead2Go Digital Edition is an external device that enables users to connect two monitors to a compatible notebook or desktop system. This innovative product connects to the VGA output of the system and adds support for two monitors. With DualHead2Go, you can see more, do more, and be more productive."

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GIGABYTE 3D Mercury @ techPowerUp

Posted by Nathan @ 4:04 PM (EDT)

3D Mercury is the name of GIGABYTE's first ever case with an integrated water cooling system. The case is aimed at first time water cooling buyers and is extremely easy to setup and maintain. Is this case worth the money or is it just another overpriced attempt to fuse a water cooling system and a chassis?


DigitalLife 2007: On The Showfloor - Part 2 @ Techgage

Posted by Nathan @ 4:03 PM (EDT)

In our final portion of DigitalLife coverage, we take a look at Gateway's new 30-inch monitor that you do want to see, Toshiba's latest X205 SLI-configured notebook, ooma's "free" VoIP solution, Gyration's latest media remote and even more photos from around the show floor.