Week of September 25, 2011

Friday, September 30 2011

Synology DS-411 Slim Four-Bay NAS Review @ Tweaknews

Posted by Nathan @ 5:23 AM (EDT)

If you're looking for a NAS that is compact enough to fit anywhere yet still as powerful as many full-size units, look no further than Synology's DS411 Slim. This tiny box supports up to 4TB of storage while serving up files and providing network services with impressive levels of performance.



SteelSeries MMO Mouse Legendary Edition @ LanOC Reviews

Posted by Nathan @ 5:09 AM (EDT)

Even as early as the name, SteelSeries knows how to appeal to MMO addicts such as myself. Sure, 'Legendary' sounds desirable, but what attracts me is the color of the font. It's not a phenomena restricted to the massive-multi genre, either; anyone who has scrambled for a green set item in Diablo 2 shares the same rush that raiders do when they roll for legendary loot. SteelSeries has dropped a Legendary Edition MMO Gaming Mouse, let's roll to see if it's a Need, Greed, or Pass.

Samsung UN46D8000 Review @ TechReviewSource.com

Posted by Nathan @ 5:08 AM (EDT)

The Samsung UN46D8000 is a 46-inch LED 3D HDTV that has top-class image quality, both in 2D and 3D images, as well as a ton of Internet-enabled applications. While it is on the expensive side, you do get a pair of 3D glasses and Wireless-N support.


Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset Review @ Tech-Reviews.co.uk

Posted by Nathan @ 5:08 AM (EDT)

I’ve had two Turtle Beach headphones in the past and both of them broke, so when I got the Turtle Beach Ear Force X12′s to review I was thinking it would end up the same. A lot of gamers will have heard of Turtle Beach as its one of the most common gaming headphone manufactures out there, they have stereo headphones, dolby digital surround sound, wireless headphones and more for all gaming platforms.

Patriot Wildfire 120 GB SSD @ techPowerUp

Posted by Nathan @ 5:07 AM (EDT)

Patriot's new Wildfire SSD is based on the popular Sandforce SF-2281 controller, but is advertised as "enterprise" model by Patriot. In our real-world testing we are amazed by the drive's performance, which makes it the fastest Sandforce SSD we tested so far, even the mighty Intel 510 SSD is only 1% ahead.

Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 DiRT 3 Edition Review @ Neoseeker

Posted by Nathan @ 5:07 AM (EDT)

The Sapphire HD 6870 DiRT 3 card includes an impressive bundle of goodies, and comes equipped with dual fan aftermarket cooling. It delivers quite the package for a graphics card priced under $200, now hit our review to see if it delivers in performance as well.

Rosewill Thor V2 XL-ATX Full Tower Case Review @ Legit Reviews

Posted by Nathan @ 5:06 AM (EDT)

Based on community feedback, Rosewill decided that the Thor case needed a slight redesign and came up with a second version called V2. The changes that Rosewill made to the Thor XL-ATX case are rather minor, but there are four changes that you should be made aware of. These changes were not made clear in the companies press release on the THOR V2, but we contacted the product manager for this case in Taiwan and got some answers for you..

Asus Eee Pad Slider Honeycomb Tablet Review @ HotHardware.com

Posted by Nathan @ 5:06 AM (EDT)

It seemed, just a couple of years back, that almost every week was topped off by the introduction of a new netbook. Remember those things? We haven't seen much in the way of new netbook technology lately, but we have seen plenty of tablets. The iPad started a modern-day revitalization of the slate PC market, and while Apple has dominated the market, rival companies have been pushing out tablet after tablet in an effort to grab their piece of the pie. One thing we've noticed is the great variety in form factors. Whereas the iPad basically just comes in two flavors, those content with Android can have their pick when it comes to design.


Thermaltake Chaser MK-I Case Review @Hi Tech Legion

Posted by Nathan @ 5:05 AM (EDT)

The Thermaltake Chaser MK-I happens to be one of those gems. The Chaser MK-I contains features similar to the Level 10 GT, but at half the price. Inside, Thermaltake uses a completely tool free system for the 5.25" and 3.5" drive bays. The cooling system includes a giant 200mm intake and top Colorshift fan, while the rear exhaust is a large 140mm TurboFan. Those fans are connected to the included fan controller, which features a high and low setting. There is enough room to expand and add 7 more fans for extreme cooling. Special features include an adapted BlacX docking station on the top, the ability to use the new USB 3.0 front header for compatible motherboards, and a headset holder connected to the side panel. The Chaser MK-I is completely liquid cooling ready and includes heightened foot stands.

Intel Core i3 2120 Review @ OCC

Posted by Nathan @ 5:05 AM (EDT)

As we all know with the Sandybridge lineup, there is only so much bclock headroom, with most CPUs coming in around the 103 to 106MHz mark — a really nice one may scale a little further, with some even reaching 110MHz. Those samples are difficult to find and are almost as common as chicken's teeth. What I found with this Core i3 2120 from Intel is that it scaled up to 105.3MHz, to drive the CPU clock speed close to 3.5GHz, or 3476MHz to be correct. Very little was tweaked to reach this speed other than a small tweak to the I/O and system agent voltages. Very typical Sandybridge, no fuss overclocking. Graphics overclocking fared a little better, with the HD 2000 GPU core clock reaching 1300MHz, driving performance higher in some 3DMark Vantage testing.

OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS (VTX3MI-25SAT3-240G) @ Bjorn3D

Posted by Nathan @ 5:04 AM (EDT)

The Vertex 3 MAX IOPS offers higher IOPS than the Vertex 3 by pairing up the SandForce 2281 controller with 32nm Toshiba Toggle NAND. We put the drive against the 25nm NAND Vertex 3 to see the performance difference between the two drives.

Thermaltake Armor A30 MicroATX Computer Case Review @ Bigbruin.com

Posted by Nathan @ 5:04 AM (EDT)

If you are looking for a small form factor case to take to LAN parties or just to save space, the Thermaltake Armor A30 is a great option. It has the features that are needed in an enthusiast level case, including a USB 3.0 port, SSD support, room for multiple hard drives, a removable motherboard tray, and even support for long video cards.



EDGE Boost Pro Solid State Drive @ Benchmark Reviews

Posted by Nathan @ 5:03 AM (EDT)

EDGE Tech Corporation has been a manufacturer of peripheral computer hardware for two decades, but only recently have they offered enthusiast storage solutions. New for 2011, the EDGE Boost Pro SSD offers SATA 6GB/s transfer speeds using the latest second-generation SandForce SF-2200 solid state controller technology. EDGE Tech specifies the Boost Pro SSD as capable of 550 MB/s read speeds and 85,000 IOPS write operations. In this article, Benchmark Reviews test the EDGE Boost Pro SSD against the leading competitors and we find out just how much speed and performance this new solid state drive offers.

Computing on Demand: Review: Arctic Sound E461-BM Earphones

Posted by Nathan @ 5:03 AM (EDT)

The more I travel, the more I realize that my head was not designed for earphones. I can't find a comfortable pair of earphones anywhere, and I will not relegate myself to wearing a bulky set of 1980's headphones. I might as well strap a sub-woofer to my face, throw some parachute pants on, and bob my head up and down hoping to understand what I am listening to. Arctic Sound thinks they can cure my bean head condition by introducing the E461-BM Earphones.

Tuesday, September 27 2011

Diablotek Fly ATX Mid Tower PC Case @ TestFreaks

Posted by Nathan @ 11:56 PM (EDT)

Today for review I’ve got the Diablotek Fly Mid Tower case or chassis. This case is very lightweight made from aluminum and magnesium with space inside for even the largest of video cards and even a large CPU cooler or liquid cooling system. The case has subtle yet stylish looks, it would fit fine in an office as your work computer or in your home housing your gaming system. So let’s just get right into it…

TechREACTION Review: Logitech Z305

Posted by Nathan @ 11:56 PM (EDT)

However, when we started listening to our music, we quickly found out that the Z305 was the real deal. The clarity and full-bodied sound that it produced was a pleasant surprise. The rich tones were easy to hear throughout the room with the 360-degree listening experience. It has just enough bass packed into it to make your music worth listening to and it is not merely a mess of unsupported midrange and treble, as most laptop speakers tend to be.

In Win Glacier 900 W @ techPowerUp

Posted by Nathan @ 11:56 PM (EDT)

In Win Glacier is a new modular PSU series which focuses on efficiency and reliability. The Glacier 900W is the first released model and provides up to seven PCIe power connectors for maximum expandability. Warranty is a whole seven years which shows the confidence In Win has in their product.

Toshiba Satellite P755-3DV20 Review @ TechReviewSource.com

Posted by Nathan @ 11:55 PM (EDT)

The Toshiba Satellite P755-3DV20 is an affordable 3D-enabled laptop that is loaded with multimedia features that makes it stand out from the rest. You get a Blu-ray player, good Nvidia graphics, 3D-capabilities, USB 3.0 and Harman Kardon audio. While all this is great, it does lack in battery life and viewing angles.

Seagate GoFlex Turbo 750GB USB 3.0 Hard Drive Review @ Bigbruin.com

Posted by Nathan @ 11:55 PM (EDT)

Just when you thought there was nothing new when it comes to external hard drives, Seagate has found a new angle with their GoFlex Turbo 750GB USB 3.0 hard drive - something extra special that most folks don't even consider until it's too late - disaster recovery protection. It all stems from Seagate's philosophy that it's not the hardware that is important - it's your data.

Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced @ Bjorn3D

Posted by Nathan @ 11:55 PM (EDT)

There have been several versions of the HAF 932 the latest is the Advanced. Can this aging contender still standup to the competition? We intend to find out.

Samsung 830 Series 256GB SSD Review @ Vortez

Posted by Nathan @ 11:54 PM (EDT)

The 830 is Samsung’s first SATA 3 – 6Gbps SSD. The 470 was its predecessor and whilst it may have missed the spotlight, the 830 is about to take centre stage. Boasting a 3-Core processor ARM9 Controller they hope to not only deliver solid performance for read and write operations but as we learned at their launch they are keen to emphasise reliability. These two elements are of utmost importance to the end-user, should Samsung deliver on both these planes then the 830 promises to be the SATA 3 SSD we all desire.

Monday, September 26 2011

Computing on Demand: Review: Thecus N4200PRO

Posted by Nathan @ 11:59 PM (EDT)

Recently, I had the opportunity to look at two NAS devices from two different manufacturers, QNAP and Drobo. Both devices received high praise and Thecus thinks that their N4200PRO can steal the thunder. NAS storage is nothing new and it is becoming harder and harder for manufacturers to differentiate themselves from one another. Thecus thinks they can not only outperform the competition, but do things they haven't thought of yet.



Z68 Motherboard Roundup @ OCC

Posted by Nathan @ 11:58 PM (EDT)

The Z68 lineup from ASUS is something that you should think twice about getting your feet into, as all three of the boards that were tested in this roundup were able to perform quite well. When you are looking at the overclocking alone on the three boards, the ASUS P8Z68 DELUXE was able to get a little higher of an overclock, however all three of the boards were able to keep the i7 2600K above 4700MHz. A lot of this has to do with the DIGI +VRM that ASUS has implemented on its boards, which helped increase stability of the chips with a steady and consistent vCore.


SilverStone DC01 Network Attached Storage device Review @ OCIA.net

Posted by Nathan @ 11:58 PM (EDT)

A few years ago network attached storage (NAS) devices were only targeted to businesses and enthusiasts, but in the age of digitized music, photos, and movies, most people find themselves wanting a centralized way to manage all of their digital content. SilverStone has come up with the DC01 network attached storage device to fill this niche. With powerful features and simple management, SilverStone has designed a product to please both enthusiasts as well as non-tech savvy consumers.

Akasa Venom Voodoo CPU Cooler Review @ Real World Labs

Posted by Nathan @ 11:57 PM (EDT)

With two S-Flow 120mm PWM Viper Yellow fans in push and pull configuration, six all-copper 6mm heatpipes and H.D.T technology the latest Venom Voodoo CPU Cooler by Akasa is a definite improvement over the original Venom.

MSI GTX570 1280MB Twin Frozr III 'Power Edition' OC Review @ Vortez

Posted by Nathan @ 11:57 PM (EDT)

Apart from the improved cooler (and as the name suggests), the Power Edition of the MSI GTX570 features an improved 6+1 Phase PWM design which should translate to increased stability under maximum load thereby improving the overclocks possible. Couple this with the improved cooling design, multiple voltage tweaks courtesy of MSI’s own fantastic Afterburner GPU overclocking utility and the MSI GTX570 Twin Frozr III Power Edition OC graphics card should turn it into an overclocking beast. Indeed MSI claim these improvements furnish the graphics card with up to a 22% overclock on a reference GTX570. Something we will be putting to the test later in the review.


Antec Rockus 3D 2,1 Sound system @ Rbmods

Posted by Nathan @ 11:57 PM (EDT)

Today our review will be about a soundsystem, Antec sent us their latest 2.1 soundkit for review which is named the Rockus. We are going to compare it vs a couple of other 2.1 systems we have looked at in the past. The question is what type of performance can we expect from this 199.99$ sound system?


Corsair H100 Hydro Series Review @ Vortez

Posted by Nathan @ 11:56 PM (EDT)

Dubbed “Extreme Performance”, Corsair have gone all-out to bring the best performance possible at a more favourable pricing compared to custom kits. The H100 bundles two high RPM 120mm fans that can have their speeds adjusted and the 120.2 radiator means that two further fans can be installed for even better performance. Unlike the H80 or H70, the radiator is a thin one but the sheer size is enough to promise good performance. The question is whether it can dethrone our top air coolers.

Sunday, September 25 2011

Alpenföhn Peter GPU Cooler Review @ XSReviews.co.uk

Posted by Nathan @ 11:08 PM (EDT)

As graphic cards evolve into bigger and badder powerhouses becoming miniature PCs in their own right, adequate cooling is needed to ensure a long life and continuous component stability. Alpenföhn aims to fulfill this need with their upcoming cooler, the Peter. Together with the Heidi GPU cooler this huge chilled will have to deliver optimal cooling together with a perfectly silent performance in order to impress the judges, and conquer the competitive market of GPU coolers.

The Mouse is Dead! Long Live the Mouse! @ LanOC Reviews

Posted by Nathan @ 11:08 PM (EDT)

Late last week, Microsoft released the Windows Developer Preview, which is the first public release of anything relating to the project codenamed “Windows 8”. This is the first look at what Microsoft really intends on doing with its next version of Windows. It is designed to help application developers get their apps ready for the future of global computing.

Samsung PM830 Review @ The SSD Review

Posted by Nathan @ 11:07 PM (EDT)

Our featured shot is the PCB of a brand new Samsung PM800 SATA 3 256GB solid state drive that this report is going to speak to. It just may be an exclusive as Samsung's new 6Gbps SSD cannot be opened by way of removal of any screws. The SSD had to be pried apart in order to get this shot, a process which breaks the clips holding it together. The picture, however, was worth the price as we wanted to display the only solid state drive that is 100% proprietary by nature.

Sony Bravia KDL-55NX720 Review @ TechReviewSource.com

Posted by Nathan @ 11:07 PM (EDT)

The Sony KDL-55NX720 is a 55-inch 3D LED-backlit television that has an attractive design with plenty of Internet-connected applications to suit almost everyone. It also has really good black and white levels that result in very good image quality.


Antec LanBoy Air Review @ Tech-Reviews.co.uk

Posted by Nathan @ 11:07 PM (EDT)

Take a quick glance at the Antec LanBoy Air and you will see this enclosure isn’t normal; it’s a PC case on steroids. Offering a completely modular customizable construction and covered in mesh, the LanBoy Air is designed for seriously hardcore enthusiasts. Take look at this Antec LanBoy Air review and see whether Antec has designed an enthusiasts dream or an expensive nightmare.




Posted by Nathan @ 11:06 PM (EDT)

The back of the BLACKHAWK sports five, yes, five, pre-cut holes for routing cables or water-cooling tubing in and out of the case. The back also has one 120mm exhaust fan to keep air circulating through the case and not stagnate. The non-windowed side panel has an optional 120mm fan placement directly behind the CPU area to help cool off the backside of the motherboard, if you decide to go that route.

Akasa Venom Toxic @ techPowerUp

Posted by Nathan @ 11:06 PM (EDT)

Akasa can be considered an institution or constant as a computer brand. The Venom Toxic chassis is their latest case aimed at the gaming crowd. The neon green accents make for a badass chassis. We give the large chassis a spin to see if it's all hot smoke or if the Viper has a real toxic bite.

Gigabyte P67A-UD4 and H67N-USB3-B3 Mainboard Review @ Technic3D

Posted by Nathan @ 11:06 PM (EDT)

The Gigabyte P67A-UD4 und H67N-USB3-B3 Mainboards arrived Technic3D. We check the Mainboards with Intel P67 and H67 chipset functions and Performance in the following Review with a Intel Core i7 2600K CPU on Windows 7 64 Bit and Linux. Better than the Sapphire Pure Mainboards?


Xigmatek Aegir SD128264 CPU Cooler Review @ eTeknix.comXigmatek Aegir SD128264 CPU Cooler Review @ eTeknix.com

Posted by Nathan @ 11:05 PM (EDT)

Xigmatek are an interesting company who always look to push the performance and design boundaries of every heatsink they produce. One of the first heatsink manufacturers to successfully implement an effective H.D.T. (Heatpipe Direct Touch) design base, they have taken this feat one step further with the use of a D.L.H.D.T or Double Layer Heatpipe Direct Touch design on their SD128264 Aegir CPU cooler.