Week of May 22, 2011

Friday, May 27 2011

In Win Dragon Rider Full Tower Chassis Review @ eTeknix.com

Posted by Nathan @ 9:20 AM (EDT)

In Win and their products have featured here at eTeknix only the once, but even then we were quite keen to sing their praises. Sure there were some niggly little faults but we did have a pre-production version so we expect little gripes to pop up from time to time. When you look at the product range from In Win, you will most likely have no clear comparison in your head of what their cases rival as they are very different and step out of the box with their unique styling and features, yet still put up a fight to some of the big brands that are holding the market well.


MSI R6850 Cyclone IGDS Power Edition Review @ Neoseeker

Posted by Nathan @ 9:20 AM (EDT)

The MSI R6850 Cyclone Power Edition juices up the reference AMD Radeon HD 6850 with increased GPU and memory clock frequencies, custom on-board components, and MSI's own cooling solution. See if these features do indeed add up to a mighty powerful edition of the HD6850 that costs no more than reference spec'ed models at under $200 USD.

Ttesports Shock Gaming Headset one @ Rbmods

Posted by Nathan @ 9:19 AM (EDT)

The market has exploded when it comes to gaming headsets; various companies like Roccat, Razer, Sennheiser, etc.all have released headsets and headphones specifically targeted to gamers.

TTesports have also released a few gaming headsets and today we are taking a look at their Shock One gaming headset to see what type of quality and performance we can expect from it.

CLICK HERE FOR Ttesports Shock Gaming Headset one DEALS & PRICING

Silicon Power V20 120GB SandForce SF-1200 SSD Review @ Tweaktown

Posted by Nathan @ 9:19 AM (EDT)

If you follow my State of Solid State Series of articles then you already know the SandForce SF-1200 controller isn't going away anytime soon. The SF-1200 will go down in history as the fastest SATA 3G SSD controller ever developed. With its 285MB/s read and 275MB/s write speeds, the SF-1200 pushed SATA 3G to the limits and taught us what solid state performance should feel like.

Gainward GeForce GTX 590 3GB Premium Edition Review @ Real World Labs

Posted by Nathan @ 9:18 AM (EDT)

With a combined total of 6 Billion transistors, 1024 CUDA cores and 3GB of DDR5 memory the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590 is simply put the fastest mGPU graphics card money can buy today.

OCZ Agility 3 240GB SSD Review @ Kitguru

Posted by Nathan @ 9:18 AM (EDT)

This month we have seen the release of a handful of ultra fast Solid State Drives, and Kitguru has been on hand to review them in recent weeks. Today we are looking at the latest drive from market leader OCZ, the Agility 3 240GB. The Agility 3 has been released to compliment their recent Vertex 3 and Vertex 3 MAX IOPS drives, offering high performance but at a reduced price point.

Fractal Design Arc Review @ Vortez

Posted by Nathan @ 9:17 AM (EDT)

Today we will be taking a look at Fractal Design’s Arc Mid Tower case. This burly enclosure promises to combine rich looking aesthetics, good thermal performance and plenty of features to ensure installation processes are complete without a hitch.

AOC Aire Black E2243FWK LED Monitor Review @ HotHardware.com

Posted by Nathan @ 9:17 AM (EDT)

AOC recently introduced the Aire Black LED monitor line. Featuring a razor-thin profile and an attractive glossy-black finish, these new monitors are aimed at business professionals and home users looking for an affordable display that doesn't look cheap. The one we're looking at today is AOC's 22-inch model, the $149 E2243FWK, though the Aire Black series also comes in 20-inch (E2043FK, $129) and 23-inch (E2343FK, $179) flavors as well, all of which carry budget price tags. How is it that AOC can launch an LED monitor line at such a low cost? Let's find out...


Sentey SS1-2421 Slim Series Case Review @ Hi Tech Legion

Posted by Nathan @ 9:16 AM (EDT)

The Sentey SS1-2421 case is part of Sentey’s Slim Series lineup and comes with a 450W SFX12V power supply. The Sentey SS1-2421 can house a micro-ATX or ITX motherboard and up to four low profile PCI devices as an HTPC or an office computer. The front panel LCD on the Sentey SS1-2421 slim tower case features an automatic fan controller, temperature monitor and HDD activity display. The Sentey SS1-2421 has a dark high-quality glossy finish and maintains aesthetic uniformity at the front through the use of a built-in flip-down optical drive bezel. Designed to be slim and compact, the Sentey SS1-2421 is ideal for as an office computer or an HTPC.

Thursday, May 26 2011

QNAP TS-119P+ Single Bay HOME/SOHO NAS Review @ Tweaknews

Posted by Nathan @ 2:45 PM (EDT)

The TS-119P+ continues QNAP's reputation of making fast, reliable NAS units for all types of environments. This little one-bay offering is perfect for a home or small office with simple storage and backup needs. And as your network grows, you can rest easy knowing the NAS will be able to keep up thanks to impressive hardware specs and support for external drives and cloud storage.



Asus U36JC Review @ TechReviewSource.com

Posted by Nathan @ 2:43 PM (EDT)

The Asus U36JC is a well-connected 13-inch ultraportable laptop that has solid performance, dual-graphics and an attractive design. It's also got quite a lot of features and extra long battery life.


Foxconn Netbox NT-A3500 @ techPowerUp

Posted by Nathan @ 2:43 PM (EDT)

Foxconn has made some waves with their compact but very capable ION based NT-330I Netbox back in 2010. Now, almost a year later the market has evolved and Foxconn is sending their newest version into the race. The NT-A3500 is based on the AMD Fusion platform, aiming to be faster, cooler and quieter.

HIS Radeon HD 6870 IceQ X Turbo X Graphics Card Review @ eTeknix.com

Posted by Nathan @ 2:40 PM (EDT)

This past 12 months has seen a lot of new products for AMD in terms of processors, the Fusion platform and of course graphics cards. The HD 6870 has been a top seller for them since its initial launch and have kept a steady growth of sales even with higher end competitor cards being released. As with most graphics cards that are released, a reference design of sorts is used to show the performance and a custom design card follows on later down the line. The HD 6870 saw a massive boost in sales when custom coolers were strapped to the cards and with HIS branding their IceQ X fan and heatsink, it proves our point to the letter.

Rasurbo Real&Power RAPM-550 Power Supply Review @ Real World Labs

Posted by Nathan @ 2:40 PM (EDT)

With a price tag set at around 58Euros inside the EU the latest Real&Power RAPM-550 Modular power supply unit by Rasurbo may not impress with its performance but it’s without doubt an excellent alternative to all the dangerous noname units flooding the market.

Intel Sandy Bridge i7-2600k CPU and DP67BG Kit Review@ OverclockersHQ

Posted by Nathan @ 2:39 PM (EDT)

Well it is that time again Intel has launched a new Unlock kit and this one is sporting some serious hardware. For starters we received the new Intel Core Intel® Core™ i7. As with all Intel® Core™ i7 processors, this one has four cores. The full name for this processor is the Intel® Core™ i7-2600K , the letter K means it’s unlocked. Out of the box, the Unlocked Intel® Core™ i7 processor begins at 3.40 GHz. The Unlocked processor also includes Intel® Hyper-Threading technology for more efficient processing.There are more surprises to come and the best one of all is that you our reader can enter to win one for yourself. Let’s check out what else comes in the kit and we can show you how you can try to win one for yourself:

CLICK HERE FOR Intel Sandy Bridge i7-2600k DEALS & PRICING


Overclockers.com - ASRock Z68 Extreme4 Motherboard Review

Posted by Nathan @ 2:39 PM (EDT)

We will be taking a look at ASrock’s Z68 Extreme4 motherboard. Prior to the Z68 chipset’s release on May 11th, one had to choose between using the iGPU on the Sandybridge-based chips (H67 chipset) or overclocking and not using the iGPU (P67 chipset). With Z68 we have the best of both worlds, lets see how it stacks up.

HIS HD6970 IceQ Turbo Edition Review @ Kitguru

Posted by Nathan @ 2:39 PM (EDT)

KitGuru readers love modified, custom graphics cards and today we are looking at one of the most eye catching designs yet, the new HIS HD6970 ICEQ Turbo Edition - a preoverclocked card with a dramatically designed custom cooler.

OCZ Vertex 3 120GB SSD Review @ ITShootOut.com

Posted by Nathan @ 2:38 PM (EDT)

As the first drive to be based on the new SandForce SF-2281 controller the OCZ Vertex 3 claims to offer read speeds of 550MB/sec and write speeds of 500MB/sec. The question is, will it hold up under closer scrutiny in our other benchmarks that put its other performance credentials to the test?


Asus 2400ET All-In-One Touchscreen Desktop Reviewed @ HotHardware.com

Posted by Nathan @ 2:38 PM (EDT)

Boutique, ultra high-end, desktop and laptop gaming systems are sexy, but they aren't where OEMs make the majority of their money. More modest systems, like the one we'll show you here, drive bulk purchases; today we're reviewing Asus' ET2400IGTS. It's one of the nicer all-in-one systems Asus manufactures and it ships with a number of interesting options...

CLICK HERE FOR Asus 2400ET All-In-One Touchscreen Desktop DEALS & PRICING

Patriot Torqx 2 128GB SATA II SSD Review @Hi Tech Legion

Posted by Nathan @ 2:38 PM (EDT)

Well known and respected memory manufacturer Patriot has released a new generation to their SSD lineup with the Torqx 2 128GB SSD front and center. The Patriot Torqx 2 128GB SSD follows the traditional 2.5” form factor, but bucks tradition in many other ways going straight for the cutting edge while keeping pricing in the mainstream. 128GB is often considered the price/size sweet spot for SSD drives, allowing ample room for OS and applications which will take advantage of the speed of the drive.

Corsair Hydro Series H60 Liquid CPU Cooler Review @ [H]

Posted by Nathan @ 2:37 PM (EDT)

Corsair's H60 liquid CPU cooler comes to us with different technology than we saw with its H50 and H70 as Corsair has switched up supply sources. Corsair is touting a micro-channel cold plates and a split-flow designed manifolds. But, will it blend?


Wednesday, May 25 2011

HP Elitebook 8560p Review @ TechReviewSource.com

Posted by Nathan @ 6:41 PM (EDT)

The HP Elitebook 8560p is a powerhouse, as its 15.6-inch widescreen and top-of-the-line parts are there for powering through the most difficult tasks. And a modern look, thanks to a new aluminum design, doesn't hurt either.


TRENDnet 450Mbps Dual Band Wireless N USB Adapter Review @ Madshrimps

Posted by Nathan @ 6:41 PM (EDT)

The new Wireless N USB Adapter from TRENDnet (TEW-684UB) is Dual Band and supports the latest 450Mbps technology. Its shape is very similar to the 450Mbps Gaming Adapter, also from TRENDnet, but its much smaller and does not require extra power, coming with USB connectivity.

CLICK HERE FOR TRENDnet 450Mbps Dual Band Wireless N USB Adapter DEALS & PRICING

MSI R6950 Twin Frozr III Power Edition Unlocking @ Vortez

Posted by Nathan @ 6:40 PM (EDT)

It is a common misconception that MSI's 6950 Twin Frozr III Power Edition cannot be unlocked because it's not a reference design. The fact is, despite sporting a fully custom PCB with Military Class II components and the epic Twin Frozr III cooler it WILL unlock to 1536 shaders.

PowerColor HD6950 PCS+ Review @ OCC

Posted by Nathan @ 6:40 PM (EDT)

Speaking of overclocking, that is another aspect that the PowerColor HD6950 PCS+ was able to shine in, the GPU clock speed. While it was unable to break the 1GHz clock speed, it did come damn close, ending up at 970MHz. While the GPU clock speed was able to get quite high, I was unable to push the memory speeds any further than 1330MHz, but when you look at a reference design HD6950, you are going to find 800MHz and 1250MHz as the stock speeds. Which means that over a reference design card, I actually ended up with a 21% overclock on the GPU and a 6% overclock on the memory, not too shabby.

Sentey Optimus GS-6000 Case Review @ ThinkComputers.org

Posted by Nathan @ 6:39 PM (EDT)

A little while ago Sentey sent us their GS-6400 Arvina case, this was the first time we had reviewed a case from Sentey and the case impressed us. So much so that we awarded it our Editor’s Choice Award! Today we are taking a look at our second case from Sentey the Optimus GS-6000. This case has a sleek design, 4 included fans, tool-less design, and many features you would expect to see on a modern case. Let’s check it out and see if Sentey has another winner on their hands.

OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS Edition SSD @ Benchmark Reviews

Posted by Nathan @ 6:39 PM (EDT)

No so long ago, Benchmark Reviews tested the OCZ Vertex 3 SSD, which delivered the best transfer speeds and operational performance we had seen from any SATA-connected drive. Not to be outdone, the OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS Edition solid state drive debuts with the same SandForce SF-2281 controller but switches to Toshiba TH58TAG7D2FBAS9 3nnm toggle NAND flash components. OCZ suggests up to 120,000 combined IOPS are possible, with speeds reading 550 MB/s. In this article, Benchmark Reviews compares the OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS Edition SSD to other high-speed SATA 6GB/s storage devices.

Antec SoundScience Halo 6 LED Bias Lighting Kit Review @Hi Tech Legion

Posted by Nathan @ 6:39 PM (EDT)

Antec’s SoundScience division is bringing this same technology to the PC with the Halo 6 LED Bias Lighting kit. The Halo makes it easy to outfit any monitor, up to 24”, with professional back lighting. The Halo Bias Lighting Kit can reduce eye fatigue and increase perceived image clarity with carefully calibrated LED lights. This kit has 6 LED lights total and is USB powered. The light strip measures 14.6” and the USB cable is 4’3” in length. The Halo is installed with double sided tape and applied to the backside of the computer monitor.

Cooler Master Elite 371 Midtower Case Review @ OCIA.net

Posted by Nathan @ 6:38 PM (EDT)

Today we are going to take a look at another case that was introduced at CES 2011. The Cooler Master Elite 371 was on display at Cooler Master's suite at the Bellagio, so we had a chance to preview this one a few months back. My impression at the time was that it looked like a solid budget case but now we will get to put it through the paces for a full evaluation.

CLICK HERE FOR Cooler Master Elite 371 DEALS & PRICING

HIS 6950 IceQ X Turbo X 2GB Graphics Card @ Viperlair

Posted by Nathan @ 6:38 PM (EDT)

In games, there is a definite difference in performance between a standard HD 6950 and the HIS 6950 IceQ X Turbo X 2GB Graphics Card. As always, DirectX 9 games showed the largest difference, but even DirectX 11 games had plenty of room too. The HIS 6950 IceQ X Turbo X 2GB Graphics Card would suit someone who has a large display and doesn't want to compromise on graphical quality in the most modern of games. If you're looking at the card for a multi-monitor gaming setup, then again, you won't be disappointed as long as you are willing to drop down from the maximum in Anti-Aliasing in the most demanding titles.

Raptor LK 1 Gaming Keyboard Review @ XSReviews.co.uk

Posted by Nathan @ 6:38 PM (EDT)

Raptor Gaming are a German company, boasting “Ultimate Game Devices designed by Gamers for Gamers.” They produce a number of gaming peripherals, including mice, keyboards, headsets and other accessories.

Spire CoolGate 10 cpu cooler @ Hardwareoverclock.com

Posted by Nathan @ 6:37 PM (EDT)

Hardwareoverclock.com has just reviewed the Spire CoolGate 10 cpu cooler. The CoolGate 10 is a universal socket compatible towering cooler build to perform. Compatible with the Intel 1156/1366 & 775 sockets as well as the AMD AM2 and AM3 platforms. The CoolGate 10 is a tower cooler build with three 6mm U-Shaped heat-pipes in combination with the successful technology of stamped aluminum heat-sink fins and copper base.

OWC Mercury EXTREME Pro 6G 120GB SSD Review @ Legit Reviews

Posted by Nathan @ 6:37 PM (EDT)

The OWC Mercury EXTREME Pro 6G is exactly what we would expect from a SandForce SF-2200 drive - fast and reliable. However, there's stiff competition from both OCZ and Intel with others emerging as the year progresses so tweaks in their firmware may help differentiate them in the long run...

Antec Earthwatts EA 750W green Review @ Kitguru

Posted by Nathan @ 6:37 PM (EDT)

Antec have been releasing some great products lately, many of which have been reviewed on these very pages. I personally really like their latest Kuhler 620 and 920 liquid coolers and the Rockus speakers certainly hit the spot. They are updating their mainstream ‘high value for money’ power supplies and today we are looking at their latest 750W unit.


QPAD MK-80 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard @ techPowerUp

Posted by Nathan @ 6:36 PM (EDT)

Peripheral manufacturer QPAD has gone all out with their recently launched MK-80 mechanical keyboard. The keyboard featurea customizable back lighting, USB 2.0 hub and headset pass through. The keyboard uses the well performing Cherry MX Blue key mechanism and comes with a decent wrist wrest.

Tuesday, May 24 2011

Asus ENGTX460 GTX 460 Voltage Tweak Review @ Tweaknews

Posted by Nathan @ 9:15 AM (EDT)

So is Asus' ENGTX460 Voltage Tweak Edition still a relevant graphics card solution even today? To be honest, I'd have to say with AMD's and Nvidia's next generation offerings and the competition between the two keeping prices as low as possible, it would be hard to say that this card would be a way to save a couple bucks.



Patriot G Series AMD Black Edition DDR3-1333 4GB Memory Kit Review @ ThinkComputers.org

Posted by Nathan @ 9:14 AM (EDT)

We’ve all seen different branded kits of memory, from memory that has the strangest heatsink design to SLI-ready memory. But what a lot of people haven’t really encountered before is AMD Ready memory. Today we’ll be looking at one of the few AMD Black Edition Ready Memory Kits, which work great with an AMD based system. Read on further to find out what unique AMD only software we used to help us along with the review.

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E220s Review @ TechReviewSource.com

Posted by Nathan @ 9:14 AM (EDT)

The Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E220s is a 12-inch ultraportable laptop that has fantastic portability that doesn't come up short in terms of performance. It's also well-connected with many ports and wireless options, but the battery life is disappointingly short.


Mionix NAOS 3200 Gaming-Mouse Review @ Technic3D

Posted by Nathan @ 9:14 AM (EDT)

The Mionix NAOS 3200 Gaming-Mouse arrived Technic3D. We will check the LED Mouse with up to 3200 dpi and 7 Buttons in the following Review on Technic3D.

OCZ Technology Vertex 3 240GB Retail Solid State Drive Review @ Tweaktown

Posted by Nathan @ 9:13 AM (EDT)

When OCZ started their marketing campaign for the Vertex 3, they sent media websites pre-production units with firmware that was stable, but not as fast as the final shipping version. Since we produce articles that directly compare one product to another, we needed to get a retail 240GB Vertex 3 in for testing and use the data to compare the product to other products in the SSD category.

As it stands right now, the OCZ Vertex 3 240GB is one of the fastest and most sought out SSDs on the market. We've seen the OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G 240GB drive and found its real world performance to be comparable, but the OWC SF-2281 controlled SSD doesn't match the Vertex 3's price or accessory package. OCZ recently launched the new Vertex 3 Max IOPS models (a full review is just days away) with a higher maximum IOPS burst, but that may actually give the 'plain' Vertex 3 a better price point.


NZXT Avatar S Gamng Mouse Review @ Neoseeker

Posted by Nathan @ 9:13 AM (EDT)

The "S" in Avatar S is for "small", and it's a pint-sized mouse all right. Hit our latest mouse review to see if the NZXT Avatar S is pint-sized in features for gamers.

AMD FirePro V7900 and V5900 Professional Graphics Cards @ HotHardware.com

Posted by Nathan @ 9:12 AM (EDT)

Today at HotHardware we'll be looking at a couple of new AMD FirePro workstation-class graphics cards, the FirePro V7900 and FirePro V5900. With the AMD FirePro V7900, professional users are treated to 1280 stream processors, 2GB of GDDR5 memory, and 160GB/s of peak memory bandwidth. The AMD FirePro V5900 provides 512 stream processors, a 2GB frame buffer, and peak memory bandwidth of 64GB/s. Both cards come with single-slot cooling solutions and multiple I/O ports for some multiple monitor action...

NZXT H2 Silent Mid-tower Case Review @Hi Tech Legion

Posted by Nathan @ 9:12 AM (EDT)

The NZXT H2 silent mid-tower case is equipped with sound dampening foam on the front and on both sides. The NZXT H2 mid-tower case also has a built-in 3-stage fan controller to further lower the sound generated inside. For users with high performance components, the NZXT H2 silent mid-tower case can adapt and support video cards up to 350mm in length once a few HDD caddies are removed and better CPU ventilation can be achieved by removing the magnetic top exhaust cover. If eight HDD drive bays are not enough for your storage needs, the NZXT H2 also has a built-in HDD docking bay as well as four USB ports on top, one of which is a USB 3.0 port.

NZXT Avatar S Review @ OCC

Posted by Nathan @ 9:11 AM (EDT)

Sticking to the design of the NZXT Avatar S, I did not like how long the mouse seems to be once you put your hand on it — when you are gaming with it, it almost seems like you have to have your fingers fully extended toward the end of the mouse just to be able to press the left and right mouse buttons. Finally, the LED feedback indicator on the side of the mouse is a nice idea when you do decide to change your DPI settings, as you have three different colors that indicate which DPI setting you have currently selected.

MSI R6950 Twin Frozr III Power Edition OC @ Benchmark Reviews

Posted by Nathan @ 9:11 AM (EDT)

AMD changed the game with its 6000 series of GPU's but at the same time it confused a lot of people with its numbering system. To cut a long story short, a HD58XX is equivalent to a HD69XX and not a HD68XX, a common misconception for the less informed enthusiast. The MSI R6950 Twin Frozr III Power Edition OC video card is the current card on the bench so to speak, and as you can tell from the name this offering from MSI carries its top end Twin Frozr III cooler equipped with twin propeller blade fans. The power edition in its name relates towards the support for triple over-voltage and a 6+2 Phase VRM, and I'm sure you can guess what the OC stands for. Unfortunately there is only so much overclocking an AIB partner can do with a HD6950 without it running into HD6970 performance territory, so the overclock on this card is not very aggressive. Add to that factor the unlocking potential of the 6950 series, one has to be careful not to back bench on! e SKU to sell another. Benchmark Reviews aims to provide you with an unbiased review of the MSI R6950 Twin Frozr III PE/OC and report back our findings, keeping you informed on the latest technologies available on the market today.

Monday, May 23 2011

OCZ ZX Series 850 W @ techPowerUp

Posted by Nathan @ 8:08 PM (EDT)

OCZ recently introduced the new ZX PSU series, which consists of three Gold efficiency members with 850 W, 1000 W and 1250 W capacities. Today we have the 850 watt model on our testbench to check if it shows the same usability, quality and price/performance we saw on the 1250 W model that we reviewed a while ago.


GIGABYTE HD 6870 Super Overclock Video Card Review @ [H]

Posted by Nathan @ 8:08 PM (EDT)

GIGABYTE HD 6870 Super Overclock Video Card Review - Would you be better served by a feature rich HD 6870 or a plain-Jane HD 6950? The GIGABYTE HD 6870 Super Overclock certainly has features of plenty with an improved three fan cooling solution, factory boosted frequencies and high quality components. Enough to trump a reference Radeon HD 6950 for the money?


Synology DiskStation DS211 NAS Server Review @ Real World Labs

Posted by Nathan @ 8:07 PM (EDT)

The Synology DiskStation DS211 is a home/small business oriented 2-bay NAS Server with countless useful features, impressive OS, classy design and an very tempting price tag attached.

CLICK HERE FOR Synology DiskStation DS211 PRICING


Gigabyte GTX 560 (GV-N56GOC-1GI) @ Pro-Clockers

Posted by Nathan @ 8:07 PM (EDT)

So as a new day dawns, we see yet another mid-range GPU being released; the new Nvidia GTX 560. Equipped with reference clock speeds, this new card runs at a respectable 830MHz on the core clock and 1GB of GDDR5 memory running at 2004MHz (4008MHz effective) fed by a 256bit bus. Last, but not least, the 336 CUDA cores which scream along at 1660MHz.


Bitfenix Shinobi Review @ XSReviews.co.uk

Posted by Nathan @ 8:05 PM (EDT)

Today we have a case from BitFenix. It’s named after the feared mercenaries of feudal Japan and it looks set to kill the competition, but how well does it really do?

G.Skill RipjawsX F3-17000 CL9D 2133MHz Memory Kit Review @ eTeknix.com

Posted by Nathan @ 8:04 PM (EDT)

G.Skill have been around for quite a few years and have always focussed on providing the best memory in terms of stability and style. Whilst they have remained quiet for a little while, they are back and are throwing all of their energy into the high end memory market.

PowerColor PCS+ AX6950 Vortex II @ Benchmark Reviews

Posted by Nathan @ 8:04 PM (EDT)

It's a predictable progression: NVIDIA or AMD release a new GPU, along with a "reference design" video card built around it. All of the marketing partners introduce new video cards that are the reference design card with a vendor label or graphic affixed to it. And while some vendors leave it at that, others aim for the enthusiast market by designing their own video cards around the new GPUs, adding their own features and capabilities. PowerColor is one of the latter, and they have several variants of the AMD Radeon HD6950 video card ranging from plain reference designs to, well, this one: the PowerColor PCS+ Radeon HD6950 Vortex II Edition. It's a mouthful of a product name, to be sure, and Benchmark Reviews puts it to the test in this review.

NZXT H2 Classic Review @ OCC

Posted by Nathan @ 8:04 PM (EDT)

The front of the NZXT H2 Classic is a full-faced brushed aluminum with white trim to match the rest of the case. The bottom "foot," which is more apparent in the profile pictures, is inlaid with black rubber. This one feature adds most of the dynamics on the case and accents it well. Both the left and right sides of the case are plain with no windows and no fan grills. You can see the hinge for the front door is on the left side, meaning that the door will open in this direction. The first thing that I noticed on the rear of the case is the dedicated USB3.0 grommet — the first of its kind that I've seen! I continuously see and have been confused about manufacturers using one of the water cooling ports for this purpose, making it impossible to use an external water cooling loop and USB3.0 at the same time. It's taken a while, but NZXT got it right!

Enermax SpineRex ECA5010 @ TechREACTION

Posted by Nathan @ 8:03 PM (EDT)

The new SpineRex ECA5010 is a high-end gaming case from Enermax, boasting an innovative and high-performance cooling concept, which can be easily adjusted depending on the user’s requirements. The SpineRex utilizes a fully modular HDD cage within the entire drive bay area, leaving the drive bay setup left up to the user’s wants and needs. The top slide cover above the two 120mm exhaust areas can function as an air flow adjustment or a dust shield. The LED fans are all independently controlled, so the user has the utmost customization when it comes to how the fans look. The SpineRex is Enermax’s new flagship case, let’s see if it is worthy of carrying the Enermax flag…

Patriot Memory Torqx 2 128GB Solid State Drive (RAID 0) Review @ Modsynergy.com

Posted by Nathan @ 8:03 PM (EDT)

ModSynergy.com was given the opportunity back in June 2010 to review an SSD from Patriot Memory dubbed the 'Torqx'. At the time, the Torqx was a black brushed aluminum 2.5" solid state drive that was powered by an INDILINX Barefoot SSD controller, offering high performance, came bundled with a 2.5 to 3.5" mounting bracket, and offered an amazingly long 10-year warranty. Needless to say, it was the best SSD we reviewed.

Patriot 128GB Torqx 2 SSD @ Rbmods

Posted by Nathan @ 8:03 PM (EDT)

Today we take a look at a new SSD from Patriot, we received their latest TorqX 2 128 GB SSD drive that has some pretty nice specifications.

Intel SSD 320 600 GByte Review @ Hardware-Mag.de

Posted by Nathan @ 8:03 PM (EDT)

We have just released a Review of the 600 GByte 25 nm Intel SSD 320 Solid State Drive, including Benchmarks and many more details.


MSI P67A-GD80 @ LanOC Reviews

Posted by Nathan @ 8:02 PM (EDT)

At the start of this year we helped introduce Sandy Bridge along with coverage on 5 different LGA1155 motherboards. One of those boards was MSI’s P67A-GD65, one of their 16 different P67 motherboards that are currently available. We found the UEFI BIOS, easy overclocking support, and low price point to be great and gave it both our Top Honors and Editors Choice awards. Today we are going to take a look at their P67A-GD80, the GD65’s bigger brother. With a similar feature set I have high hopes.


Noctua NH-C14 CPU Cooler Review @ DragonSteelMods

Posted by Nathan @ 8:02 PM (EDT)

Noctua is a company known for making quality and well performing CPU Coolers, some of the best on the market today surely. They’ve recently introduced a new cooler called the NH-C14 which gets its name from the ‘C’ shape that the cooler is. The NH-C14 comes equipped with two Noctua NF-P14 140mm fans for excellent cooling performance. The two fans are mounted, one on top and one on the bottom, and you can configure it however you like; If you need more room beneath the cooler then just use the top fan. The NH-C14 is made to be versatile and have good performance at the same time.


Gigabyte E350N-USB 3 Review @ Kitguru

Posted by Nathan @ 8:02 PM (EDT)

AMD’s latest Brazos Platform has proven popular over recent months, with many users adopting a secondary low powered system for general, light duties or as the foundation of a high definition media center. Today we are looking at the Gigabyte E350N USB 3 motherboard which is built to the high standards we would expect from Gigabyte.


Sunday, May 22 2011

Tweaknews Month 4 (May) 10 Year Anniversary Contest

Posted by Nathan @ 12:03 AM (EDT)

From May 20th to June 20th we are giving away a Patriot PBO Core Media Player, a Xigmatek Miguard White Knight Computer Case and a Cooler Master Choiix Boom Boom Portable Speaker System. Come on over and join and win some fantastic prizes.


Zalman CNPS11X Extreme CPU Cooler Review @ Real World Labs

Posted by Nathan @ 12:02 AM (EDT)

With 5 composite heatpipes, 2 v-shaped heatsinks, 120mm PWM LED Fan and one of the most intriguing designs we have ever seen the CNPS11X Extreme by Zalman could be just the CPU Cooler you have been looking for.


Zotac H55ITX-C-E Motherboard @ Modders-Inc

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A lot of us "Modders" like to use small compact hardware configurations when it comes time to build that next great mod. For the longest time, there was only a few options that would even be considered for such a build. In the last few years though, this has changed drastically. Not only can you go small, but you can go small with some powerful hardware.


ASUS Maximus IV Extreme Review @ Vortez

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We’ve seen the plethora of Intel P67 ASUS motherboards and experienced the mainstream segment of Sandy Bridge motherboards but the ASUS product line-up wouldn’t be complete without their flagship Republic Of Gamers board. Avid Vortez viewers will be familiar with the range of ROG branded motherboards we have tested here so you will no doubt know that they represent the most premium ASUS motherboards in both price and performance. The board we will be taking a look at today is the Maximus IV Extreme, representing their flagship overclocker board within the P67 line-up.


VTX3D Radeon HD6670 Review @ Kitguru

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There are no shortage of video cards on the market today, with all sectors perfectly covered with solutions from both AMD and Nvidia. Today we are looking at the new card from VTX3D – a custom cooled Radeon HD6670.

ECS H67H2-M H67 Motherboard Review @ eTeknix.com

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ECS have become ever more popular as of late, offering up some of the latest and greatest features on a variety of boards, for the lowest possible price. This obviously applies to a huge market of consumers wanting the best bang for buck, yet not skimping on quality. ECS have jumped on the Sandy Bridge bandwagon lately and have developed motherboards based on the 1156 socket on both H67 and P67 chipsets.

Corsair Builder CX430 V2 430 W @ techPowerUp

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Corsair has a wide range of products that address enthusiasts. However the company does not forget Average Joe who just wants to power his low end system. For these users Corsair offers the Builder Series which promises great price/performance ratio. The new Corsair Builder CX430 V2 will be the test subject of today's review.

ASUS P8H67-I Deluxe H67 mITX Motherboard Review @ APH

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If it has an ASUS P8H67-I Deluxe mITX motherboard under the hood, then don't pee your pants when it smokes the riced out full tower PC next to it. Featuring a standard LGA 1155 socket for the latest Intel Sandy Bridge processors, a PCI Express x16 slot to accommodate the graphics card of your choice, what we have here is some serious awesomeness in a very compact package. Ready to find out more?