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Saturday, July 23 2011

CM Storm Sirus 5.1 Stereo Headset @ Pro-Clockers

Posted by Nathan @ 12:39 PM (EDT)

CM Storm showed off to a select few at CES in Las Vegas this past year, the Sirus 5.1 Surround Sound headset. CM is not only targeting the gaming enthusiast but the true audiophile. Consisting of front, rear, center and a sub the Sirus promises to make a splash in the audio category. But what makes the Sirus stand out besides its clear and precise sound but the Tactical Mixing Console. The Console allows the user the ability adjust the speakers and the sub individually.


Palit GeForce GTX 460 Sonic Review @ Ultimate Hardware

Posted by Nathan @ 12:39 PM (EDT)

The Palit GeForce GTX 460 Sonic uses GF104 GPU at 700Mhz and has 1GB GDDR5 memory running at 3600Mhz. The Palit GeForce GTX 460 Sonic has a 256Bit Memory Interface, 336 Shader Processors and DirectX 11. The Palit GeForce GTX 460 Sonic faces extreme competition from the Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 Xtreme which has DX11 and 1440 Shader Processors. Software used for testing was 3dmark 2006, 3dmark Vantage, 3dmark 11, Call of Duty Black Ops, Crysis Warhead and Hawk 2.

Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced @ Pro-Clockers

Posted by Nathan @ 12:38 PM (EDT)

Over the years we have taken a look at many of the HAF series cases. The HAF series is one of Cooler Master’s most popular case designs. The cases rugged looks and “High Air Flow” span from the low end 912 to the top dog the HAF X. Cooler Master has released a refreshed 932 Advanced which adds some features that were missing from the original. Most of the new features came from the HAF X which includes a painted black interior, a GPU fan shroud that provides more direct air flow from the front of the case to the GPU, and front panel USB 3.0 support.

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Friday, July 22 2011

Sentey SDP750-SS 750W PSU Review @ BayReviews.com

Posted by Nathan @ 6:06 PM (EDT)

The power supply is heart of your computer system and an AMD A8-3850 motherboard deserves a PSU that will protect it from voltage spikes or other irregularities. The Sentey SDP750-SS 750w Power Supply is different from many other models on the market today because of its unique voltage protection features.

HP Pavilion dv6-6170us Review @ TechReviewSource.com

Posted by Nathan @ 6:05 PM (EDT)

With an Intel Core i7-2630QM CPU and AMD Radeon HD 6770M graphics card, the HP Pavilion dv6-6170us provides all the performance of these premium laptops for several hundred dollars less. However, you will have to sacrifice a few features to get those savings.


ADATA S511 120 GB @ techPowerUp

Posted by Nathan @ 6:05 PM (EDT)

ADATA's S511 SSD is built upon the winning combination of the new Sandforce SF-2281 and Intel 25 nm NAND flash. In our testing the 120 GB drive delivers excellent performance scores that benefit from support for the latest SATA 6 Gbps interface.

Cooler Master Storm Sirus 5.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset Review @ OCIA.net

Posted by Nathan @ 6:04 PM (EDT)

Cooler Master sent over a pre-production sample of their new CM Storm Sirus 5.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset for evaluation recently. This wired headset certainly has a lot of promise, with eight speakers (four per side), a built-in microphone, optional ear padding, a powered desktop control panel and the option to plug directly into your sound card. More importantly, at least for me, is that the headset features over-the-ear cups. I find these types of headsets much more comfortable than on-the-ear cans which tend to cause me discomfort after a short while.


Thermaltake Level 10/GT PC Case Comparison @ Real World Labs

Posted by Nathan @ 6:04 PM (EDT)

In today’s review/comparison we have taken the breathtaking Level 10 and placed it against its successor the Level 10 GT to see exactly what kind of additions and/or cutbacks Thermaltake performed in their amazing effort to achieve a deduction in the price tag of the original product by a full 70%.



ZOTAC GTX560 1GB AMP! Edition SLI Review @ Vortez

Posted by Nathan @ 6:04 PM (EDT)

The ZOTAC GTX560 AMP! Edition is one such graphics card that arrives pre overclocked, weighing in at 950/4400MHz making it among the fastest factory overclocked GTX560’s available. This speed is faster than we managed to manually overclock the previous GTX560 reviewed here so it’s certainly impressed me straight away to have a factory overclock faster than what was possible manually overclocking the same core design. It does however remain to be seen how this overclock fairs and indeed how much harder the cooling has to be worked.


M-Audio Studiophile CX5 Active Studio Reference Monitor Review @ Modsynergy.com

Posted by Nathan @ 6:03 PM (EDT)

M-Audio is a renowned and premier player in the digital audio segment catering to musicians and audio professionals through such items, but not limited to, MIDI solutions, recording equipment and professional audio software such as ProTools.

Today I will be providing a long-term review on a different beast. Today you will be reading the review of one of M-Audio’s latest offerings on the market within their Studiophile lineup, the CX5 High-Resolution Active Studio Reference Monitor. Read on to see how this 90-watt near-field studio monitor performs and holds up. Will this be your next investment?

CLICK HERE FOR M-Audio Studiophile CX5 Active Studio Reference Monitor DEALS & SHOPPING

Corsair Force GT 128GB SSD Review @ Neoseeker

Posted by Nathan @ 6:03 PM (EDT)

In an SSD market where 500MB/s data read/write speeds are becoming the norm across manufacturers, Corsair's Force GT differentiates itself from the pack by using 25nm ONFI synchronous NAND flash memory, versus standard 25nm asynchronous NAND. This allows the drive to excel at reading and writing compressed data, which is supposed to translate into faster real-world performance with files like video, music and graphics. Hit our latest SSD review to see just how real this real-world performance ends up looking:

WD Scorpio Black 750GB Notebook Hard Drive Review @ Legit Reviews

Posted by Nathan @ 6:02 PM (EDT)

The WD Scorpio Black 750GB laptop hard drive is no slouch as we saw really impressive performance numbers that actually shocked us a bit. For example we saw 128MB/s read and 125MB/s write speeds in the CrystalDiskMark sequential read/write tests and these are great for any traditional hard drive. Just because notebook hard drives are only 2.5" in size doesn't mean that you can't find good performance with them...

CLICK HERE FOR WD Scorpio Black 750GB Notebook Hard Drive DEALS & SHOPPING

AMD Radeon HD 6670 1GB Video Card Review @ Madshrimps

Posted by Nathan @ 6:02 PM (EDT)

The Radeon HD 6670 video card from AMD comes with interesting features like UVD 3.0, Eyefinity with 3 video outputs and offers decent performance in games, while using lower resolutions like 1280x1024, 1600x1200 or 1680x1050, making it a card to consider when building a HTPC system.

MSI R6950 Twin Frozer III Power Edition Review @ OCC

Posted by Nathan @ 6:01 PM (EDT)

MSI has equipped the card with its Twin Frozer III heat pipe-based cooling solution that uses five large heat pipes attached to an equally large fin array. The fans used are MSI's own Propeller Blade Technology that drives 20% more airflow through the fin array to keep the components under the cover, as well as the GPU core, cool. The Twin Frozer III design accomplishes this impressively with the lowest load temperatures in the overclocked testing. The Propeller Blade fans are not silent when you spool them up to the 100% mark, but they are a significant step in the right direction when compared to the reference design cooling. At the other end of the spectrum, in the stock testing, the R6950 delivered load temperatures of 63 degrees Celsius. Not bad, you say? That's right, because this 63 degrees Celsius result is a full 21 degrees Celsius better than the reference solution, all without the noise letting you know the card is there.

Patriot Torqx2 128GB SSD @ Bjorn3D

Posted by Nathan @ 6:01 PM (EDT)

Retailing at $199 USD, the Patriot Torqx2 SATA I/II 128GB drive is considered one of the high end performance drives. However, Torqx2 is not limited to 128 GB, and also comes in storage variations of 32 GB, 64 GB and 256 GB, with price tags of $74.99, $114.99, and $489.99 respectively. The expected performance for this SSD is listed as 270 MB/s read and 230 MB/s write.

ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z Review @ ocaholic

Posted by Nathan @ 6:00 PM (EDT)

The Maximus IV Gene-Z is a very well equipped mATX motherboard which is based on Intels Z68 chipset. Since ASUS have released with the Rampage II Gene the first mATX gaming board we've been following this trend. And the best thing about these boards is that they're as fast as the bigger ones. Therefore we're very curious how this board will perform in our benchmark parcours as well as during the overclocking part.


Thursday, July 21 2011

Thermalright True Spirit CPU Cooler Review @ Legit Reviews

Posted by Nathan @ 6:31 PM (EDT)

Back in October of 2009 we tested the Cogage True Spirit; Cogage is the mainstream arm of Thermalright, the makers of the infamous Ultra-120 or TRUE. Now Thermalright has brought the True Spirit to their lineup with a couple tweaks from the version we tested back in 2009. The new design still has four 6mm heat pipes, a bowed base, PWM controlled fan, and 48 aluminum fins with the bent winglet design Thermalright is known for. The Thermalright True Spirit differs by the mounting system and some cosmetic changes..

Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2 Review @ DragonSteelMods

Posted by Nathan @ 6:31 PM (EDT)

Ever think about being a DJ? I have, but not professionally of course. I know I like techno or re-mixed music myself, but I just don’t have the time or patience for creating my own. Today for review I’ve got something that the aspiring DJs out there might find interesting from Hercules called the DJ Control MP3 e2. The e2 isn’t exactly a professional DJ mixing board but it can be something to get you started and have fun in the process.

Lenovo Essential G570 Review @ TechReviewSource.com

Posted by Nathan @ 6:31 PM (EDT)

The Lenovo Essential G570 is part of Lenovo's budget-friendly line of notebooks that offers the basics in terms of both specs and design, but performance is a little lacking. You do, however, get integrated Bluetooth, a 720p HD display and a really comfortable keyboard.


Corsair Force GT SATA 6Gb/s 120GB Review @ OCC

Posted by Nathan @ 6:30 PM (EDT)

When someone asks me about upgrading their computer for the most noticeable performance gain, I commonly tell them to install an SSD. The reason is that both your start-up and shut-down times will drastically decrease. Likewise, you will experience shorter transfer times and faster loading on any program installed on the drive. These are only some of the perks that you'll quickly gain by using an SSD, such as the Corsair Force GT. Having said that, the reduced power consumption in SSDs make them ideal for use in laptops and netbooks. This upgrade does, however, come at a cost.

HIS Radeon HD 6770 IceQ X Turbo 1GB Video Card Review @ Tweaktown

Posted by Nathan @ 6:30 PM (EDT)

Video cards have actually been really quiet lately. The fact that both AMD and NVIDIA have had the current crop of models out for a while means that most companies have exhausted ways to make them stand out from the pack. Still, with that being said, it's not dead completely. So today we're looking at a HD 6770 from the peeps over at HIS. The HD 6770 is a great mid-range model, but we haven't seen companies do heaps with it. It's also one of the more recent VGA releases, so that could have a bit to do with it as well.

ASUS F1A75-M PRO FM1 Motherboard @ Benchmark Reviews

Posted by Nathan @ 6:30 PM (EDT)

With the launch of every new motherboard platform, we expect to see a number of different designs from the major motherboard manufacturers. ASU, of course, was ready for the AMD Lynx platform launch with their own set of A55 and A75 socket FM1 motherboards. Here at Benchmark Reviews we used the ASUS F1A75-M Pro motherboard to test the new platform and the all new AMD desktop APU, the A8-3850. In this article, Benchmark Reviews is exploring the motherboard itself, bringing you all the details of the ASUS F1A75-M Pro socket FM1 motherboard.

Corsair Hydro H80 Review @ Neoseeker

Posted by Nathan @ 6:29 PM (EDT)

The Corsair Hydro H80 promises to bring the easy-to-install, all-in-one water cooling seen in the H60 to new levels with new and improved components, including a beefier radiator. See just how well it performs compared to both its predecessor and the competition in our latest liquid CPU cooling review.

Sapphire Pure Platinum A75 Motherboard Review @ eTeknix.com

Posted by Nathan @ 6:29 PM (EDT)

Sapphire are a brand that we all know and love for producing some of the most extreme video cards on the market and push the boundaries in terms of cooling and performance. Marking a new chapter, Sapphire are keen to get into the motherboard market, but want to do so with a bang by offering boards with the most beneficial features, extreme technology and a good price point.

Antec High Current Pro HCP-1200 1200W @ techPowerUpAntec High Current Pro HCP-1200 1200W @ techPowerUp

Posted by Nathan @ 6:29 PM (EDT)

Antec's High Current Pro HCP-1200 is famed as being one of the best high-end power supplies on the market. With 1200 W capacity it's a great choice for systems with three or four graphics cards. We took Antec's flagship for a spin with our upgraded, fully programmable, load tester. The $250 HCP-1200 powerhouse performed admirably, and we love it.

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Wednesday, July 20 2011

Moneual Sonamu G100 ECO-Friendly Micro ATX Computer Case Review @ Tweaknews

Posted by Nathan @ 5:43 PM (EDT)

The so-called "green revolution" in computing has been progressing in fits and starts, at least in the mainstream computing arena. Unsurprisingly, manufacturers will opt to target the larger and more lucrative gaming community, but there are always a few suppliers who will take the risk to go after a smaller niche market like this. Enter Moneual. Known more for their high-end HTPC case offerings, Moneual has entered the green computing market with their new Sonamu G100 micro ATX chassis with a feature that they call "Green Mode" to allow the user to put the system in a "Standby Zero" state, consuming no power when not in use.


Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Speaker System Review @ Real World Labs

Posted by Nathan @ 5:42 PM (EDT)

Highly detailed audio reproduction, 5.1 Channel Surround Sound, 500RMS of raw audio power, THX Certification, Dolby Digital/DTS decoding and 6 audio inputs are what make Logitech's latest flagship the Z906 5.1 Surround Speaker System a worthy successor to their award winning Z-5500 surround system.

CLICK HERE FOR Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Speaker System DEALS & PRICING

Corsair AirFlow Pro Display and AirFlow 2 Fan Review @ Legit Reviews

Posted by Nathan @ 5:41 PM (EDT)

We observed a 8C temperature decrease at idle and a 12C decrease at load with the DDR3 clock frequency set to 1600MHz. In the end the Corsair AirFlow 2 memory cooling solution proved to be worth it. If you have a tight case with a lot of hot components and limited airflow using the Corsair Airflow 2 is a really good idea...

MSI Big Bang Marshal P67 Motherboard Review @ Vortez

Posted by Nathan @ 5:41 PM (EDT)

Today we will be taking a look at the revered Big Bang Marshal. An extended ATX motherboard with an extensive feature-list – including 24-Phase DrMOS power design, 8 PCI-E for multi-GPU graphics with Lucid Hydra to mix NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards, Voltage Check-Points and much more! So let’s waste no further time and begin our analysis of MSI’s Big Bang Marshal.

HP Pavilion Elite h8-1010 Review @ TechReviewSource.com

Posted by Nathan @ 5:40 PM (EDT)

The HP Pavilion Elite h8-1010 is a capable Core i5 desktop with a handful of nice features, including wireless networking, a spacious hard drive, and a dedicated, albeit low-end, video card. But there are better performing systems in this price range.

CLICK HERE FOR HP Pavilion Elite h8-1010 DEALS & PRICING

Seasonic X-Series 660W Modular Power Supply @ Bjorn3D

Posted by Nathan @ 5:40 PM (EDT)

Seasonic has been making high-quality power supplies ever since they hit the market two years ago. Not only is their new X-660 660W power supply 80Plus Gold rated, but also comes with a quiet fan. The PSU's fan does not kick in till the user reaches 20±5% load, and it maintains a 16dB(A) acoustic noise level until it reaches 50% load. From that point on the fan speed begins speeding up, still maintaining low acoustic noise. The Seasonic X-660 750W power supply is also 100% modular, which makes it very easy to install and prevents large cable messes from accumulating.

VIA Announces New Dual Core VIA VB8004 Mini-ITX Mainboard

Posted by Nathan @ 5:40 PM (EDT)

Taipei, Taiwan, July 20, 2011 - VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator of power efficient x86 processor platforms, today announced a dual core version of the low power VIA VB8004 Mini-ITX board. Coupling the 1.6GHz VIA Nano X2 E-series processor with the VIA VX900 media system processor, the VIA VB8004 provides a high performance and highly scalable solution for advanced digital signage and gaming systems.

In addition to providing native support for dual-displays, the VIA VB8004 Mini-ITX mainboard can also be easily upgraded to support four displays using an additional VIA S3 5400E graphics module, providing developers the widest possible variety of multi-display configurations, including HDMI, LVDS, and DVI technologies.

"The VIA Nano X2 E-Series doubles the computing power of the VIA VB8004," said Epan Wu, Head of the VIA Embedded Platform Division, VIA Technologies, Inc. “As a result it provides an even more scalable solution for digital signage applications.”

About the VIA VB8004

Powered by a choice of a 1.6GHz VIA Nano X2 E-Series, or 1.6GHz and 1.2GHz VIA Nano processors, the VIA VB8004 leverages the advanced multimedia capabilities of the VIA VX900 system media processor to deliver awesome DX10.1 graphics and support for rich 1080p video resolutions.

In addition to supporting up to 4GB DDR3, the board features rich I/O capabilities including an HDMI port, one DVI port, a one channel 24-bit LVDS, one GigaLAN port, and six USB 2.0 ports.

The VIA S3 5400E Graphics Module

The VIA S3 5400E dedicated graphics module is a daughter card specially designed to provide advanced multimedia capabilities for next-generation embedded applications and is the best-in-class energy efficient DX10.1 GPU on the market today. With support of DX10.1, Shader Model 4.1, OpenGL 3.1, and OpenCL 1.0, the 5400E GPU provides a cost-effective solution for feature-rich graphics processing with high levels of video decoding and 3D rendering performance.

Featuring the ChromotionHD™ 2.1 video engine, a programmable video architecture supporting the latest HD standards including Blu-ray Disk, H.264, VC-1, WMV-9, and MPEG-2/4, the S3 5400E module offers stunningly smooth HD playback at resolutions of up to 2560 x 1600 pixels.

Kingston Dual-Channel-Kit KHX2000C9AD3W1K2/4GX Review @ ocaholic

Posted by Nathan @ 5:39 PM (EDT)

The Kingston H2O series belong to the most powerful modules which the memory giant actually has in its portfolio. As soon as you take a closer look at the specifications you'll see that they are very serious. According to Kingston these DIMMs need only 1.5 Volt to operate at 2000 MHz with 9-11-9-27 timings.

Corsair Hydro Series H80 Liquid CPU Cooler Review @ eTeknix.com

Posted by Nathan @ 5:38 PM (EDT)

2008 was the year. Corsair were one of the first brands to release an all-in-one liquid CPU cooler, the Corsair H50. The H50's success was huge, firmly cementing it's place in the enthusiast and mainstream cooling market for years to come. 2 years on and much has changed. Competing brands such as Noctua and Thermalright have released their gargantuan dual tower heatsinks with the primary goal of becoming the CPU cooling king! Antec have also released all-in-one liquid CPU cooler offering in the popular KÜHLER H₂O 620 & 920. Corsair haven't just sat back and watched the competition catch up though! Oh no! They have been working hard to release more all-in-one liquid CPU coolers which can once again boost Corsair back to the top of the pack. Today we will be reviewing the eagerly anticipated and highly discussed Corsair H80 liquid CPU cooler.

Apacer AC430 USB 3.0 External HDD Review @ Madshrimps

Posted by Nathan @ 5:38 PM (EDT)

The new AC430 USB 3.0 External hard drive from Apacer comes with good read/write performances and has some striking looks thanks to the aluminium enclosure; the product is also shipped with a carry bag, to avoid scratches and dust accumulation during travels.

EVGA P67 FTW Motherboard Review @Hi Tech Legion

Posted by Nathan @ 5:38 PM (EDT)

The EVGA P67 FTW motherboard is EVGA’s flagship entry for Sandy Bridge systems. The EVGA P67 FTW motherboard comes in two variants: the standard KR version and the premium K2 variant which is exactly like the KR except with the addition of the EVGA Control Panel V4 and EVGauge tachometer bundled. The EVGA P67 FTW inherits a lot of the features that made the P55 Classified 200 standout from the competition including extra 8-pin EPS12V power connectors for overclocking and 5 PCIE x16 slots but also adds UEFI, USB 3.0 and a Compact Flash port for extra storage. Built for overclocking, the EVGA P67 FTW has a 12-phase CPU PWM, uses 100% Solid Japanese capacitors and has a higher gold content on the CPU brushes for an overall lower inductance.

Bitfenix Shinobi Review @ OCC

Posted by Nathan @ 5:37 PM (EDT)

Overall, the Bitfenix Shinobi has a lot to offer in a sleek and stylish package. Its expandability features, including the 3.5" drives and ability to add on five more fans, definitely set it apart from the rest. Sure it didn't win out when it came to beating the heat, but that is understandable given that one of the compared cases was in a completely different price bracket and both comparison cases had more fans included with them. There was also an issue with wire management as a result of the placement of the 3.5" drive bays, which could have been alleviated by using a different sort of tool-less solution.


Jetway H109-Z (Intel Z68) Motherboard Review @ Tweaktown

Posted by Nathan @ 5:37 PM (EDT)

It's been ages since we've seen a board from Jetway here at TweakTown and I would probably go as far to say that this is the first time I've actually been hands on with a Jetway board. So today we're looking at the Jetway H109-Z and while the model number doesn't really tell us anything, I can confirm it's an 1155 socket motherboard based on the Z68 chipset.

Cooler Master Storm Sirus 5.1 Gaming Headset Review @ Bigbruin.com

Posted by Nathan @ 5:37 PM (EDT)

The sound quality from the Cooler Master Storm Sirus 5.1 gaming headset is impressive; providing solid bass reproduction, while the other channels are clear and crisp. Using the control pod, the sound quality can be adjusted to meet any need. In addition, the microphone is easily able to pick up your voice to allow for clear voice chat while gaming.


Tuesday, July 19 2011

Cooler Master CM Storm Sirius 5.1 Gaming Headset Review @ Tweaknews

Posted by Nathan @ 2:53 PM (EDT)

CM Storm has made quite a splash into the PC audio market with the Sirus 5.1 headset. It exudes quality throughout with rugged construction, interchangeable ear cups, a braided cord, and a desktop controller that is heavy enough to double as a paperweight. The sound that comes out of this headset is equally fantastic and with adjustable volume for front, rear, and center channels, it allows for a lot of fine-tuning.


Cooler Master CM Storm Sirius 5.1 Gaming Headset Released

Posted by Nathan @ 2:52 PM (EDT)

Cooler Master CM Storm division has released their surround gaming headset on to the market. check them out and see if they are something you would possibly buy in the future.


NZXT FX Enthusiast 140mm Fan @ OCModShop

Posted by Nathan @ 2:48 PM (EDT)

Yup, this isn’t a press release or a tease… this is the only review on the new NZXT FX Enthusiast Fan series that I know of on the Internets at the time of this writing.

If you’re familiar with the NZXT brand, then you’re probably a loyal customer and not only have a few of their cases, but some of their matching case accessories like their Sentry line of fan controllers. NZXT does a great job with getting all of their stuff to match and look great, so having an NZXT-only rig will certainly get some attention from the ladies… or at least the only girl at the LAN party… who is probably only there because her boyfriend drug her along and she plays Bejeweled or Facebook games all day to pass the time.

ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z - Layout and Design @ ocaholic

Posted by Nathan @ 2:48 PM (EDT)

The Maximus IV Gene-Z is a very well equipped mATX motherboard which is based on Intels Z68 chipset. Since ASUS have released with the Rampage II Gene the first mATX gaming board we've been following this trend. And the best thing about these boards is that they're as fast as the bigger ones.


TechREACTION.net Review: ASUS 6870 DirectCU

Posted by Nathan @ 2:47 PM (EDT)

The DirectCU line of cards from ASUS are catered to the overclockers out there in the market. The DirectCU has precision mounting, putting the copper heatpipes in direct contact with the GPU for better cooling performance. ASUS has also implemented their SAP, Super Alloy Performance technology, which uses high quality capacitors, MOSFETs, and chokes along with ASUS’s super hybrid engine. They have also equipped the 6870 with multiple sets of input fuses on the circuit board to eliminate any chance of excessive or dangerous temperature rises, which should keep you from frying your video card. The 6870 DirectCU also comes factory overclocked from ASUS to 915MHZ, compared to the stock speed of 900MHz on basic 6870 cards.

Acer Aspire One 722 Review @ TechReviewSource.com

Posted by Nathan @ 2:47 PM (EDT)

The Acer Aspire One 722 is an ultraportable laptop that borderlines on being a netbook. It has the new AMD Fusion processor, an appealing design, long battery life, but has some lacking performance in some aspects.


BitFenix Shinobi Window Case Review @ XtremeComputing

Posted by Nathan @ 2:46 PM (EDT)

BitFenix is a fairly new brand when it comes to the world of cases, however already it is well known for gamer/enthusiast focused quality cases such as the BitFenix Colossus which has been highly rated by buyers. Today I will be reviewing the latest mid-tower case; the BitFenix Shinobi.

Sandberg Hard Disk Cloner Review @ Real World Labs

Posted by Nathan @ 2:46 PM (EDT)

The Sandberg Hard Disk Cloner may not be the fastest HDD cloning solution around but not only does it allow for PC-Free hard disk cloning but you can also actually use it as a normal HDD docking station via either its USB 2.0 or eSATA connection.

Cooler Master V6GT CPU Cooler Review @ eTeknix.com

Posted by Nathan @ 2:45 PM (EDT)

Cooler Master are a brand that never fail to impress us here at eTeknix. They continue to release top quality products and expand into new markets which is exactly what fans and reviewers alike all enjoy seeing. Today sees us looking at a product from one of their more popular product categories, a CPU cooler. There is plenty of choice when it comes to choosing a Cooler Master CPU cooler and even more when we look at the complete market for processor coolers.



CM Storm Enforcer @ techPowerUp

Posted by Nathan @ 2:45 PM (EDT)

Cooler Master is one of the most recognizable gaming case manufacturers out there. Growing their mid tower lineup, the Storm series has a new entry, the Enforcer. We'll see if this cost conscious gaming case can hold up to the pressure or falls short of its objective.


Monday, July 18 2011

Bitfenix Shinobi Mid-Tower Computer Case Review @ Tweaknews

Posted by Nathan @ 2:24 PM (EDT)

Bitfenix's Shinobi chassis is a bit of a mixed bag. It lives up to its moniker by being stealthy and near silent, but lacks the airflow to make it a top performing PC case. It sports four USB 2.0 ports, but there are no USB 3.0 or eSATA ports on the I/O panel. The interior is painted, spacious and easy to work in and the cable management features are quite good allowing the user to achieve a clean, tidy installation in short order.


Thermaltake Frio CPU Cooler Review @ BayReviews.com

Posted by Nathan @ 2:23 PM (EDT)

Do you hate the puny stock heatsink and CPU fan's included in the package when you purchase a new processor? Yeah, me too! Do you by default just set the stock stuff aside and install your big boy heatsink and fan? Yeah, me too. Then you know very well that when you overclock any CPU every degree you can lower the temperature the longer it will live.



Samsung SH100 Review @ TechReviewSource.com

Posted by Nathan @ 2:22 PM (EDT)

The Samsung SH100 is a compact, point-and-shoot 14-megapixel digital camera that is cheap in price, but still offers good quality images. It has lots of shooting modes, wireless connectivity as well as a touchscreen display, but the lack of manual controls limits it use.


Corsair Vengeance LP 1600MHz 8GB Memory Kit Review @ eTeknix.com

Posted by Nathan @ 2:22 PM (EDT)

Recently Corsair announced their Vengeance range of memory including the slightly more appealing Low Profile version allowed for high performance and low clerance, which a lot of users may be faced with due to their hefty coolers needed mainly for overclocking.

NZXT Sentry Mesh Fan Controller @ OCModShop

Posted by Nathan @ 2:21 PM (EDT)

There are all sorts of ways to tame the noisy array of fans within your PC case. Some of them are rather fancy, but have a higher learning curve. Some cases come with very basic fan rheostats that control all of your fans at once. Sometimes you want a no-nonsense direct way to control each fan individually, but you still want it to be worthy of your modded PC case.

AMD A6-3650 2.6GHz Llano APU Review @ Legit Reviews

Posted by Nathan @ 2:21 PM (EDT)

Overclocking performance on the AMD A6-3650 was nothing short of amazing! We were able to get this 2.6GHz processor all the way up to 3.8GHz with rock solid CPU performance. We didn't spend much time overclocking the Radeon HD 6530D GPU, but we increased the clock speed on that from 443MHz up to 600MHz with no issues at all. This APU has gobs of overclocking room in it, but...

Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro CPU Cooler Review @ Kitguru

Posted by Nathan @ 2:20 PM (EDT)

Be Quiet! have been around for quite a while now and are well known for having produced some of the best high-end power supplies on the market over the last few years. Now they have launched a line of CPU coolers which currently feature two models, the Dark Rock Advanced and the Dark Rock Pro. Today we are gong to look at Be Quiet!’s top-end CPU cooler, the Dark Rock Pro, which uses a similar ‘Sandwich’ design to the popular Noctua NH-D14.

Sapphire Edge HD2 Mini PC Review @ Hi Tech Legion

Posted by Nathan @ 2:20 PM (EDT)

The Sapphire Edge HD2 is an improvement over the original Edge HD. The Edge HD2 adds a little extra for a user that needs a bit more juice. With the HD2 we get an improved processor, the Intel Atom D525. This processor features dual cores, 1.8GHz in speed, and hyperthreading technology. Another addition to the HD2 is the optional bundled operating system. If chosen, Windows 7 Ultimate will be pre-installed and ready to go. The previous Edge HD came completely bare and required an OS purchase. The rest of the features included are 2GB of 800MHz DDR3 memory, a 320GB SATA 2.5" HDD, both wired and wireless networking capability, and the Nvidia ION 2 graphics processor. A complete system crammed into a case no bigger then an outstretched hand. All you need to supply is the monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

ECS HDC-I Review @ OCC

Posted by Nathan @ 2:20 PM (EDT)

In an evermore crowded media center market, it is surprising to see products that still offer unique features and feature sets. The ECS HDC-I is unique because it has nearly all the features you would want in a media motherboard. The most interesting inclusion was that of an integrated Bluetooth dongle. This allows you to use Bluetooth wireless mice or keyboards and allows you to sync with your phone, if you so chose. The Mini PCI-Express is also an uncommon, but definitely welcomed addition.

QNAP TS-419P+ Turbo NAS @ Computing on Demand

Posted by Nathan @ 2:19 PM (EDT)

The days of using thumb drives and floppy disks to store your valuable data are gone. Today the options are many and for those of us looking for an easy to use storage solution, QNAP thinks they have the answer. The idea of a home server is nothing new and Microsoft has been trying to attack this market with their Windows Home Server operating system. What users may not know about is that companies that have been producing NAS systems for business recognized your needs and are starting to release products that fit very well in the home office or small office. These systems are small, use very little power, pack a ton of features, and are easy to use.



ASUS P67 Sabertooth @ Bjorn3D

Posted by Nathan @ 2:19 PM (EDT)

The P67 chipset might have been replaced by the Z68, but it still offers more than enough in the way of features and performance. As with all other P67 boards, overclocking is an integral part of the ASUS P67 Sabertooth. Unlike newer Z68 boards, this P67 does not have any onboard graphics options, but for most gamers and enthusiasts, that is not a big problem.


Sentey GS-6500B Burton Full Tower Case Review @ Bigbruin.com

Posted by Nathan @ 2:18 PM (EDT)

There is a lot to love about the Sentey GS-6500B Burton "Extreme Division" full tower case. First off, the build quality is fabulous. The fit and finish are of the same quality, if not slightly better than some of the high-end cases we've seen. The chassis is roomy and plenty of the user friendly features are just what we'd expect to see from a "premier" brand.

Patriot Wildfire SF-2281 Solid State Drive @ Benchmark Reviews

Posted by Nathan @ 2:18 PM (EDT)

Patriot Memory has been a long-time provider of system components for performance enthusiasts. It was a natural evolution for them to focus their efforts on SSDs to compliment the demand for high-end RAM. They were sucessful with their Inferno series, and now that SandForce has released their second-generation controller they're back with the Patriot Wildfire. In this article Benchmark Reviews tests performance on the 120GB Patriot Wildfire Solid State Drive, model PW120GS25SSDR, specified for up to 555 MB/s read and 520 MB/s write performance with 4K random write speeds as high as 80,000 IOPS in real world testing.

Sunday, July 17 2011

SteelSeries WoW: Cataclysm MMO Gaming Mouse Review @ eTeknix.com

Posted by Nathan @ 4:01 PM (EDT)

Today we are taking a look at another important aspect of a gamers' arsenal. The humble mouse, while starting out as a moderately basic input device it has evolved rather significantly over the past few years. It is now the case that they can cram a lot of technology into a very small space, or in this case, a lot of technology into a large mouse.

Senty Optimus Case Review @ OCModShop

Posted by Nathan @ 4:01 PM (EDT)

So, you're an Incredibly Cheap Bastard and decided that you need a brand-spanking new PC case instead of screwing Ebay sellers for brand-name quality merchandise for a fraction of the cost. Since you're an Incredibly Cheap Bastard, then not just any old inexpensive case will do: you have to have a really cool-looking case without spending any major coin. Well, do I have great news for you! There are now several great PC chassis for around $60 that even Darth Vader would be happy to have in his office.

Enermax MAXREVO 1350W Power Supply Review @ Real World Labs

Posted by Nathan @ 4:01 PM (EDT)

The latest MAXREVO 1350W 80Plus Gold certified power supply unit by Enermax is not only a worthy successor to their already excellent Revolution85+ series but also one of the two most powerful all-modular units in the market with support for future power connectors, right next to its 1500W brother.

Thermaltake MEKA Mechanical Keyboard Review @ Kitguru

Posted by Nathan @ 4:00 PM (EDT)

Today we are looking at the MEKA ‘Non G’ keyboard which is a streamlined, lower cost version without the wrist support and some of the secondary functionality. It does however feature the mechanical switches, USB ports and a numerical keyboard section.