Week of September 11, 2011

Thursday, September 15 2011

GIGABYTE G1.SNIPER2 Intel Z68 Motherboard Review @ Legit Reviews

Posted by Nathan @ 11:51 PM (EDT)

The features packed into the GIGABYTE G1.SNIPER2 will eliminate the need for many of the dedicated cards that are installed into many of the systems out there. Of the features packed into the GIGABYTE G1.SNIPER2, two of them stand out. The first of the stand out features is the network card. The GIGABYTE G1.SNIPER2 doesn't use the traditional Realtek NIC or Intel NIC that we have seen on most of the motherboards that have come across the Legit Reviews test bench in recent memory. Instead the G1.SNIPER2 uses a discrete level network interface card from Bigfoot Networks integrated directly onto the PCB. The Bigfoot Networks Killer E2100 NIC features a dedicated NPU (Network Processing Unit) with 1GB of dedicated DDR2 memory. The second of two features that stands out on the GIGABYTE G1.SNIPER2 is the audio. The SNIPER 2 takes advantage of a Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Digiatl Audio Processor (20K2)...

TP-Link TL-PA211KIT @ Rbmods

Posted by Nathan @ 11:51 PM (EDT)

Today we will take a look at TP-Link TL-PA211KIT which is ethernet over a powerline adapter from TP-Link. What does this mean? It makes it possible to use powerlines to carry your ethernet and therefore making networking houses without CAT-cabling very easy. Let's take a look how well it performs in our tests.

Steelseries Sensei Review @ XSReviews.co.uk

Posted by Nathan @ 11:50 PM (EDT)

Itís amazing to think that we once all gamed with a rollerball mouse. Then most of us transitioned through optical, eventually ending up utilising either infrared or laser based rodents. Today Iím looking at one of the latter, a new gaming peipheral from Steelseries, the Sensei.

It sits at the high end of the gaming mouse price range, but it does have an impressive feature set. Pitting itself against the most expensive rodents out there, can the Sensei dig out its own niche, or will it be another overpriced peripheral? With a claimed CPI (DPI) of up to 11,400, itís certainly got my attention.

Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 @ techPowerUp

Posted by Nathan @ 11:49 PM (EDT)

The Thermaltake Chaser MK-1, a futuristic looking chassis with a long list of useful features manages to impress in terms of looks, but can it hold up on our test bench? We fill the case with hardware to see if it ends up being chased or really manages to stay the chaser in every scenario.


Dell Vostro 3550 Review @ Tech-Reviews.co.uk

Posted by Nathan @ 11:49 PM (EDT)

The Dell Vostro 3550 is a laptop designed for the executive in of you, featuring a beefy 2.30GHz Intel Core i5-2410M processor, 4GB of RAM (upgradable up to 8GB) as well as USB 3.0 and more, this is definitely a high performing machine. The price comes in at around £100 less than the previously reviewed Asus U37JC; and with both featuring similar specs, the 3550 could definitely be a winner, weíll have to see what happens during testing.

MSI GT 780 Gaming Notebook Review @ ocaholic

Posted by Nathan @ 11:49 PM (EDT)

With the GT 780 MSI has a gaming notebook in its portfolio that comes with a GTX 560M GPU as well as a SSD as system disk. Therefore it will offer very good and balanced overall performance. Furthermore CHF 2'500.- (est. EUR 2100.-) is a reasonable pricing.


SteelSeries 6Gv2 Mechanical keyboard @ LanOC Reviews

Posted by Nathan @ 11:48 PM (EDT)

Mechanical keyboards seem to be all the rage recently with almost every manufacture introducing them. SteelSeries has actually been in the mechanical keyboard market for a few years now with their 7G. To compete with all of the competition they did however introduce a model without a few of the 7Gís features like audio ports to lower the cost, which would be the 6Gv2. Priced a little more in line with the competition, SteelSeriesís 6Gv2 is hoping to show that you donít need a keyboard that glows when the lights are out to game.

CLICK HERE FOR SteelSeries 6Gv2 Mechanical keyboard SHOPPING & PRICING

Sapphire Radeon HD 6850 Vapor-X Video Card Review @ Hi Tech Legion

Posted by Nathan @ 11:48 PM (EDT)

The Sapphire HD Radeon 6850 Vapor-X video card is an upgrade to the older Sapphire HD Radeon 6850 card. The Sapphire 6850 Vapor-X is overclocked to 800MHz core and 1100MHz memory stock, compared to the 775MHz core and 1000MHz memory on the reference 6850 cards. In addition, the Sapphire Radeon 6850 Vapor-X includes the patented Vapor-X cooling technology. Onboard is 1GB of GDDR5 memory with a 256-bit interface. The 6850 supports DX 11, AMD Accelerated parallel Processing, AMD Eyefinity, AMD Crossfire, and AMD HD3D. Inputs include a DVI-I, DVI-DL, HDMI 1 .4a, and mini Display Ports.


Zowie EC2 Review @ OCC

Posted by Nathan @ 11:48 PM (EDT)

I have never owned a mouse with such incredible tracking and precision, the ability for me to simply use the lasso tool as if I were using a stylus was incredible. I felt like I was really in control of my computer and the programs I was running. With the ability to adjust DPI settings on the fly it was easy to adjust from small precise movement to faster-paced action games. Although the shape of the mouse is nothing to call Mom about and the glossy finish can leave your hand feeling tacky and sweaty, the mouse moves so smooth across the screen that you start to forget what the mouse even looks like. This mouse isnít for everyone, but if you are ready to really gain control ó this is the mouse for you.

MSI A75MA-G55 Llano Motherboard @ Benchmark Reviews

Posted by Nathan @ 11:47 PM (EDT)

The Lynx platform, otherwise known as Llano for desktop, is out in full force now. The new chipset offers something of an alternative to low-end Sandy Bridge systems with comparable CPU power and extremely heightened GPU power. These APUs don't themselves a system make, however, and all the usual manufacturers have been providing a plethora of motherboards in which to place your new Lynx APU. In this article Benchmark Reviews is taking a look at the MSI A75MA-G55 motherboard. The MSI A75MA-G55 sports the new FM1 socket which takes Llano APUs. Currently the two available are the A8-3850 and the A6-3650, which come ready to rock with Radeon HD discrete level graphics. We have already seen the performance of the AMD A8-3850 APU, now let's look at the MSI design for the A75 chipset and how they differ from the competition.

Tuesday, September 13 2011

Corsair Obsidian Series 800D @ LanOC Reviews

Posted by Nathan @ 12:36 AM (EDT)

It wasnít that long ago that I took an in depth look at Corsair's Special Edition white version of their 600T. I was extremely impressed with the entire case. Because of that I thought we would backtrack a little bit and take a look at what started it all, Corsair's 800D from the Obsidian Series of cases. Being their flagship model itís clear that it still has a lot to offer, lets dig in (finally) and see what all of the fuss is about.

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Magellan RoadMate 9055-LM Review @ TechReviewSource.com

Posted by Nathan @ 12:35 AM (EDT)

The Magellan RoadMate 9055-LM is touchscreen GPS that has a massive 7-inch display, a AAA TourBook, a 6 million points of interest guide, highway lane assist and more. There is also Bluetooth connectivity for hand-free calling, free lifetime map updates and real-time traffic.


OCZ ZS Series 650 W @ techPowerUp

Posted by Nathan @ 12:35 AM (EDT)

OCZ is very busy lately releasing new PSU models. Today we have the chance to test the OCZ ZS 650W. The main difference compared to the bigger ZS 750W, besides capacity, is the reduced number of available PCIe connectors, only two. Like all ZS units it has 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency, its OEM is Sirfa and it uses a non-modular cabling design.


ASUS GTX560 Ti DirectCU II TOP Graphics Card Review @ OCIA.net

Posted by Nathan @ 12:35 AM (EDT)

Today we will be taking a look at the ASUS GTX560 Ti DirectCU II TOP graphics card, an Nvidia-based Fermi GPU priced at roughly $250. Much like the R6850, this is an overclocked edition card that bumps the core clock up to 900 MHz and the shader clock to 1800 MHz; defaults for each are 810 MHz / 1620 MHz. Technology differences aside, it's no secret that many people shop with their wallets alone, so the aim of this comparison review is to see what sort of improvement you can from a quality $250 video card versus something a bit cheaper.

Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 4TB Desk External Drive Review @ Legit Reviews

Posted by Nathan @ 12:34 AM (EDT)

The Seagate 4TB GoFlex Desk is an impressive external storage drive that raises the bar for what can be stored on a single external storage drive. The key to this is the use of one of the very first 3.5" SATA hard drives that is 4TB in capacity. The performance of the Seagate 4TB GoFlex Desk drive was impressive with benchmarks like ATTO showing 192MB/s read speeds and 162MB/s write speeds! The Seagate 4TB SATA 6Gbps 7200 RPM 3.5" hard drive that Seagate uses inside the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ready enclosure is no performance slouch! We didn't bother testing at USB 2.0 speeds as both the read and write speeds never dropped below the maximum speeds of USB 2.0...

GIGABYTE Z68XP-UD3-iSSD Motherboard @ Bjorn3D

Posted by Nathan @ 12:34 AM (EDT)

GIGABYTE Z68XP-UD3-iSSD makes setting up Intel Smart Response an easy task with the bundled Intel SSD 311 mSATA SSD. We put it through our test to see how it performs.


ECS Black Series A990FXM-A Review @ OCC

Posted by Nathan @ 12:01 AM (EDT)

The ominous heatsink dominates the board, although one may notice that it also manages to have a clean and subdued style. On a related note, one might notice something a little 'off' with this board. At first it might be difficult to identify what exactly it is, and then you see it; this board appears to lack a northbridge! This is mere illusion, however, as AMD's 990FX chipset is located underneath the same lumbering heatsink that takes care of the VRMs and MOSFETs.

Tt eSPORTS Black 4000 dpi Gaming Mouse Review @ Hi Tech Legion

Posted by Nathan @ 12:01 AM (EDT)

The Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Black Gaming Mouse has a name that pigeonholes its purpose, but features that are an advantage in all types of applications. Using the Philips 4000 dpi laser, the Tt eSPORTS Black Gaming Mouse has all the speed and precision youíll need to stay one up on the competition. Selectable on-the-fly 400/800/2000/4000 dpi letís you slow down or speed up the action at the touch of a button, with an LED indicator so you always know where your setting stands. Programmable macros make it easy to program your best in game moves, as well as your most commonly used productivity combos. The black rubber coated surface and textured finger grips let you keep a firm grip on the action, while removable weights let you customize the feel of the Tt eSPORTS Black to fit your personal tastes. Easy to use software lets you fully customize up to three profiles, with 64kb of onboard memory to take the profiles with you to any computer.

TRENDnet SecurView TV-IP322P Outdoor PoE IP Camera Review @ Real World Labs

Posted by Nathan @ 12:01 AM (EDT)

The brand new SecurView TV-IP322P Outdoor PoE Megapixel Day/Night Internet Camera by TRENDnet is their latest proposal in an endless effort to provide state of the art and reliable security products to help us safeguard all the things that we cherish the most.


Steel Series Sensei @ LanOC Reviews

Posted by Nathan @ 12:00 AM (EDT)

One of, if not the best mouse to come through our doors was the Steel Series Xai. Steel Series isnít a company that normally just pumps out new products unless there is a need. But how do you follow up with a perfectly balanced, no frills gaming mouse with such a good reputation? For starters you try to keep it as close to the original while still improving it. When Steel Series sent out the PR for the Sensei last month I was a little skeptical but still excited to see how they could improve on the Xai. With it finally in my hands I canít wait to dive into the details!

Patriot Box Office Core Media Player Review @ eTeknix.com

Posted by Nathan @ 12:00 AM (EDT)

With the fast increasing amount of digital data being stored on home PCs and laptops its easy to feel restricted when using it on your PC or laptop. Its therefore important to consider options which allow you to access your data more easily to allow it to be shared and accessed as it was intended to be.

MSI CX640 Notebook Review @ Vortez

Posted by Nathan @ 12:00 AM (EDT)

Today we will be taking a look at a mid-range Notebook that utilises the latest 2nd Generation Core i5 Processor, 4GB DDR3 and a 1GB GPU. All this for under £600 makes it a very competitive buy. So letís waste no further time and begin our technical analysis.

Monday, September 12 2011

Super Talent TeraDrive CT3 64GB SSD Review @ Legit Reviews

Posted by Nathan @ 11:59 PM (EDT)

Super Talent has several consumer lines of SSDs available on the marketplace among the dizzying array of drives available across all manufacturers. Their TeraDrive line comes in a variety of configurations and capacities and they sent us over their new CT3 64 GB drives to see what we thought of it. The TeraDrive CT3 offers both the SandForce SF-2281 controller and a SATA III interface which together with asynchronous 25nm NAND signifies a hardware configuration that fills a gap in their lineup..

Sapphire Radeon HD 6850 Vapor-X Review @ Neoseeker

Posted by Nathan @ 11:59 PM (EDT)

The HD 6850 effectively replaced the HD 5750 in terms of market positioning and pricing, but the total performance offered by the Sapphire Radeon HD 6850 Vapor-X is more in line with the HD 5850. The HD 6850 Vapor-X promises plenty of bang for the buck, and we put it to the test in our latest Radeon HD 6850 review.

Corsair Force GT SATA 3 240GB SSD Review @ The SSD Review

Posted by Nathan @ 11:59 PM (EDT)

Corsair recently announced new capacities for both the Series 3 and Force GT lines of their SSD family making them the easy winner in capacity selection for any single SSD series choice that we know of. Shortly after that announcement, a Corsair Force GT SATA 3 240GB SSD arrived at the office and we couldnít resist the chance to throw it on the bench and see the numbers this GT could push. From the looks of it at least, the GT is on fire!